You're Not Ready

We are, without a doubt, in the time of the "messy bun." Years from now when kids are having Homecoming dress up days at school and the day is "Dress Like Its 2015" girls everywhere will be pulling that hair high atop their head in our favorite haphazard style and laughing with each other about whose is messiest and how silly they look without their standard "style."

But we're rockin' them while they're a thing because they're easy, right? Quick pull up into a pony tail, wrap, wrap, wrap, grab a couple bobby pins and if you've got a few strands that refused to follow along, that's the messy part of the messy bun style. Within minutes you're good to go with a hairstyle that is currently recognized as "done."

There are even hats made to allow for our messy buns to show. That's how proud and in love we are with our current standard.

So, given our love of things that are quick and easy and a little less, well.... polished - it isn't a wonder that we see more and more of this next topic - but I'm here to plead - it has got to stop. Come to a grinding, screeching halt....

And that is showing up anywhere in fleece pajama pants.


Just, no.

Me, the girl who loves a good messy bun and goes 75% of the time to places in pull on leggings, is pleading with you to GET YOUR BUTT DRESSED IN THE MORNING. Or afternoon, or whenever you thought it was acceptable to assault the eyeballs of the general public by thinking it was okay to leave the house in your Emoji pj bottoms.

Not okay.

This is the age of instant gratification. We like almost all things to fit in our busy lifestyles. Its not a wonder athleisure is so popular - gym clothes that are cute enough to be travel clothes or run errands clothes, where do I sign up for that subscription??

Dear People Who Are Offending Us With Your Worn, Slept In Fleece,

Elastic waists are perfectly acceptable. The geriatric community has been handling that for years. Leggings or comfy sweats (have you seen the cute trend with the fitted ankles?!?) are totally fine and take almost no time to change into. We, as the general public can get behind your not wanting to take that extra seven seconds to deal with a pair of pants that buttons. We accept that. Hell, we embrace it with an entire realm of button-free fashion choices. But you, traversing to Walmart or taking your kid into school or doing anything other than lounging about your house or GETTING READY FOR BED, are offending even us - the carefree, button-free set.

Take a moment, we beg of you. Show your kid you cared enough to not show up in something you sleep in. And don't think you're fooling any of us for even a second that you took the time to change into "clean" pajama bottoms. If you didn't have time for leggings - you didn't put on fresh-out-of-the-dryer Poop Emoji pants either.

We ain't that dumb.

I'm not asking you to Kardashian it up every time you leave the house. Me, the girl who wears make up maybe 25 percent of the time? No. I wouldn't ask that of you. Of anyone.

I'm not saying you don't, possibly, have a collection of cute pajama bottoms. (Yes, yes, I see, they're buffalo check - all the rage, I get it. Cute, but still not acceptable.)

I'm simply saying in the age of leggings and messy buns or baseball caps and sweatpants - we've given the term "getting ready" a wiiiiiiiiiide berth. For some it takes hours. For some, mere moments.

We're asking you to take those moments.

For us. For your kids. For yourself.

Do it for yourself, man. Pull on those leggings, grab a cap, slap on a smile and walk out the door with your head held high knowing you are fashionably ready to go in less time than it took to toast a PopTart.