Why Not Today?

Rarely ever do I intermingle the aspects of my life.

I mean, aside from the obvious Mom/Wife/Sarcastic Wench triangle - I may offer a few lines here and there about the other sides-o-Jess but I try not to go full-on prattle regarding the other things I do.

Except today, I'm going to.

And, as usual, I have no idea if this is actually a GOOD plan, but it popped into my head to try it and usually when that happens I'm a bit like a dog with a bone and I just cannot quit chewing on the idea until basically I either do it or exhaust myself with reasons why it wouldn't work.

And here I am, not sleeping. Therefore exhaustion has not won and we are going to roll with this sucker.

Okay, so I teach a fitness class two days a week at our local fitness facility. If you missed the post where I talked about (read: raved in awe of) the class participants, you can go back and read more here if you're so inclined.

However, to go with that class, because I'm (obviously) the wordy type, I have a podcast as well.

The pink strand is my blog life, the purple strand is my fitness class life and the turquoise strand, that one you may not have known about...

That is maybe the third strand of the braid you may not have known existed. ...That and the night job as a 1-900-operator, but we'll save that for another time. (Kidding! I don't do that really. Please, good God-loving people, don't flood me with "shame on you" emails!)

So, today's podcast has to do with picking the time to get after it.

Whatever "it" is for you.

You want to start a blog? You want to start a weight loss journey? You want to plan a trip to go on a three-day hike?

Why not today?

What good comes of pushing it until tomorrow?

First of all, none of us is promised a tomorrow.

Secondly, none of us truly knows what tomorrow will bring. Life can change in the blink of an eye.

So why not today?

Up here in the great, white North we are currently in what I call "cardi-season."

We walk around with comfy, cozy, blanket-size sweaters that engulf our shape and help keep us layered up and therefore prepared for whatever temperature we have to face throughout the day.

Cardigans are a blessing here. A true staple. A fashion choice as well as a functional choice.

You can hide many things in them. Including denial. And an ass-ton of excuses as to why "tomorrow you will."

Let's use the cardis for what they were meant for. Fashionable warmth that covers our ass-ets.

Let's not use them for hiding. Behind or in.

No more excuses. No more putting off what you have wanted to start.

Let's do this.

Today is as good of a time as any. (Pssst. Click on the blue words to listen.)

**Side note - I'm sorry I said ass-ton. It is my favorite form of measurement. To be honest, I say it all the time. Multiple times a day. Just be glad I strive to keep things moderately cleaned up around here.