Why Is It So Difficult?!?!

I came across this funny the other day and it resonated with me. Hard.

Why are some tasks that involve children SO DIFFICULT??

No matter the age. There are just some things that rank right up there with tightrope walking when it comes to their level of difficulty.

Sunscreen application is just one. And it has not gotten easier even though my children are no longer pint-sized.

On our last family-beach-vacation I was pretty certain some childless person was going to report me for abuse when they heard the string of threats hurtling from my mouth as I ...politely told my children to get out the water and reapply.

Hey, I mixed in the word please. It was moderately polite.

As polite as someone threatening dismemberment can sound anyway.

"Please, for the love of Pete - if you do not get your butt out of the water this minute you won't have to worry about Melanoma on your shoulders because I am going to rip your arms off and beat you with them!"

Or something that like. I could be paraphrasing. It was a few months ago. I can't be expected to remember every little detail.

Getting dressed for church also falls in this category for me and my flesh and blood. I'd rather teach manners to a cage of hyenas.

I mean EVERY Sunday!?! They can't just figure it out that this is not a "nice sweatpants" type of occasion??!

Getting my youngest to brush his teeth, getting all three of them to sit still for a family picture, requesting the middle one start on homework without 17 reminders, getting any of them to actually walk. the. dog. and motivating my eldest to go to the gym and make use of the muscles God gave him - borderline impossible. Like training a hungry tiger to pet the mouse. Not EAT the mouse, PET the mouse. ....Gulp.

Ugh, hopeless.

I know not why these household battles have to be nor how to win them without yelling so loud the whole neighborhood starts brushing their teeth just to quiet the noise.

So if you're thinking this is a post with tips on how to correct this - you've come to the wrong place.

This is a what the hell is wrong with me and my children that we can't live in sunscreen covered, homework completed, dog-duty-for-everyone related harmony??

I don't know. But if you and your sweet little muffin-faced cherubs have these same issues, then I just want you to know you're not alone.