Too Busy

People, enjoy your busy lives, I tell you - for you are better off for them.

I don't mean to start this post by sounding like a speech written for one of our forefathers but it never ceases to amaze me how often I hear people complaining that they are busy. "Too busy." "Life is so busy." "We're just too busy to...."

Guess what? You were created to be busy.

The Almighty, Maker-of-all-Things created you with movable parts and a thinking brain for this. very. function. To be busy. To get up and get after it. To make the most with not only the 24 hours of the day but the life you are living.

If you don't believe me, check your Bible. There are many passages regarding this very thing

The other side of the "too busy" coin is that busy is not an involuntary choice. Let's not confuse "busy" with "blinking." While both "b" words, one of these things is an automatic function of our body while the other is a choice we make by weighing out the options in front of us.

Therefore - when I hear someone assess their life as "too busy" I would all but love to scream, "AND WHOSE DAMN FAULT IS THAT RHONDA??" Was it not you who knew your work schedule and still agreed to put your daughter in soccer - knowing full well that would mean picking her up each and every day after practice? Was it not you knowing full well that after work and after picking up your daughter and that you would then likely have to scrounge up dinner for your family but you still said yes when asked if you would lead Bible study this week?

I believe, yes - it was you who not only knew well what your schedule looked liked but you also who said yes to anything else that came along.

This, for the record, is not "too busy."

This, is just you making the utmost of the 24 hours you were given today.

And isn't that what we're supposed to do? Live each (precious) day as much as we can - because we know not if we will get another?!

In that regard - we are not "too busy." We are simple fulfilling each day with what we can. Taking into account - some of the things that we think make us busy are 100 percent - making someone's life easier.

And by golly, when you look at it that way - doesn't that make "too busy" seem "manageable?"

To the "too busy" people; smile. You. are. doing. it.

You are rocking those 24 hours. Your job likely helps multiple people throughout the day (I don't care if you're assembling parts at a factory or helping the elderly in an assisted living facility - I can guarantee the person who uses that assembled part is grateful you put it together with the skills you possess. I can guarantee that an elderly person is magnificently glad to have your assistance with a task they can no longer do.) You probably help your kids' lives in countless ways by taking on a few more things. You maybe help a friend or a co-worker in a pinch when you agree to make cookies or some such other task in the evening.

This is you using your God-given abilities.

Rejoice in the fact that you are doing so.

And remember - somewhere out there (maybe even living right next door to you or right down your street) is someone who sits idle for way too much of their day. For whatever reason, they are not keeping busy. Perhaps they want to but are unable to. Perhaps they feel as though they are but still have time to share the local gossip or sit and blog for 45 minutes... Somewhere out there - someone is anti-busy.

And because they are it might even make you busier.... but guess what - you're better for it.

Use your 24 hours each day.

Use those movable parts and that thinking brain given to you by God, Himself.

When you do - you are productive. You are helpful. You are meaningful to someone - to life.

Dig deep, get busy and smile. You are doing you the best way you know how.