This Ones For the “Girls”

So this morning I'm putting on my sports bra and have one of those routine wrestling matches with the little insert that is supposed to stay in between the outside and the lining of the bra to protect the outside world from seeing your nipple placement. ...Do you have this problem too? Where that little insert wrinkles, moves, curls up in a ball and then becomes deathly afraid of you and hides while you try desperately to maneuver your arm to position your fingers to try and coax that damn thing back into place. All while trying to keep your shoulder and three ribs from dislocation.

I usually wind up sweating and (no surprise) cursing before I ever step one foot onto a workout mat just from dealing with the sports bra inserts.

And this got me thinking.... I'm sure I'm not the only one who has issue with this. We have an ongoing joke in workout groups about our "cool down" consisting of wrestling off a sweat-soaked sports bra.

So I know there are others out there with bra-related issues.

Also, really, you haven't lived until you've worn a front closure bra and had that sucker snap open in public. While you try to inconspicuously go about your business and at the same time hold the cups in place so the unfastened bastard doesn't fling apart and give you an extra set of side placement ta-tas.

All these good times in bra land got me thinking about trouble-on-the-top half, if you will.

I recently found out the daughter of a friend has been diagnosed with breast cancer. This person is also an occasional reader here in Blogville, which is a big deal to me.

When I first find out, via someone telling me, leaving me a comment, or a text, that they are a Blogville visitor, I first question their sanity and then I laugh in an awkwardly grateful way (which is probably a little creepy) and I enfold them into my metaphorical flock.

They, are now, one of my peeps.

I, am now, a misguided shepherd who curses a lot and walks around yelling at children, but I’m theirs if they need me.

So, (back to the original point of this) a woman.

A 40-something year old Mom.

A breast cancer diagnosis. And probably, I would imagine, a big, fat NO THANK YOU to the universe.

Therefore, let’s have a ta-ta talk, shall we?

Girls, whether yours are more trouble than they're worth. Whether yours are too big or not big enough. Whether you've never liked yours or have used them on more than one occasion to get yourself out of a situation - you've probably had some love/hate (or love/love or maybe just hate/hate) relationship with your "girls."

Unfortunately, some people have more problems with theirs than others have. Some people don't deal with lumpy nipple covers - they deal with lumps in their breast.

Some people aren't daunted by having to take off a sweat soaked sports bra because they've had to make the daunting decision to take off their breasts completely.

If you've heard me complain in the gym about what a pain it is to wrangle into a sports bra, I'm sorry. I'm an insensitive ass. That "problem" must seem absolutely ridiculous if you've been faced with a decision of whether or not to remove a lump or the whole entire lady lump.

I dislike every comment I've ever made regarding roan padded inserts.

Like with anything else, we learn best by doing. By going along and living life and then having someone point out to us that we're an ass and we're doing it wrong and then, since we can't turn back time and fix it, we have to forge on and make a pact to do better.

And that's where this post comes in. I vow to do better. To be less of a whiner about too-tiny straps digging into my shoulders and realize that I AM LUCKY that I would consider that a problem.

Also, since it seems to happen often and if I'm going to have free time on my hands NOT COMPLAINING - I shall try to use that time to say a prayer. For the people out there dealing with REAL issues. Not skinny straps, not runaway padding but actual this-requires-a-treatment-plan problem.

You'll be in my prayers. More routinely now since I have set aside a perfect time to pray for you.

Any maybe, if there's anyone out there in the same boat - they'll join in and we'll lift a few prayers up for you and your ta ta's as we GET to just deal with ours.

Sending love and prayers to all those in need of pink ribbon support....