I've spent the last month delighting in a role I like to call Uber-Planner. I, in case I haven't mentioned it, oh I don't know, three hundred times or so, have a senior in high school. Living in my house. Set to graduate in exactly 47 days. (But who's counting?!?)

Therefore - I'm planning.

Now, I like a good theme. I think a theme is the way to go when planning anything, but especially something of a large-ish scale. A theme gives you guidelines. Parameters.

A theme is the equivalent of going bowling and there are bumpers for the little kids to keep their ball from just rolling in the gutter immediately upon leaving their little hands.

A theme keeps the ball on track.

A theme is what keeps a party from having Dixie paper plates set on top of linen tablecloths. It helps things go together and make sense.

I decided to venture beyond colors for the theme. Not that there is anything wrong with that, on the contrary a party centered with a color-coordinating theme throughout can be just enough to tie in the multitude of things one chooses when hosting a shindig.

Buuuuut, my darling son and his classmates chose class colors that have nothing to do with their school colors and nothing to do with, well, anything. If I were to guess I would almost think someone sneezed a sound and the other kids thought it sounded like the name of a color and they unanimously agreed to go with it.

So, no help there.

However they did choose a delightful class motto which helped a bit. As motto's go, this one isn't bad. I mean, its not original but its also not so deep/stuffy/serious that it would be impossible to derive a little fun out of it. I love the fact that they chose a more "fun" motto - pointing at what lies ahead rather than a sad, goodbye-themed motto that somehow suggests it all ends after high school.

Because those of us who have left the doors know - that is when life truly begins. What lies ahead of you after you leave with your diploma in hand is really an open road.

Its possibility and potential.

Its opportunity and adventure.

And just like that, Houston - we have a theme.

For the record, around my house, when Mama has a theme - if you stand still too long I will, in fact, decorate you, spray paint you, hang something on you or use you in some way to assist in my theme-ing. Even the dogs stay in motion or tucked away for fear of becoming decorative props.

So, for the next 46.68 days, if you need me you can find me scouring Pinterest, creating food stands out of 2x4's, or creating cages out of electric wire to try to control the chaos of the zoo that I live in.

Maybe I'll make a cage for myself too. I just need to make sure there's Wifi, a place to plug in my laptop and glue gun and a 40+ day stash of M&Ms.

On second thought, that's not a cage. That sounds more like a sanctuary...

To all my fellow planner Mamas. Whether your planning graduation, Confirmation, a bridal shower or the annual family reunion - Happy Theme-ing.