The Things We Do Right

If you've visited this site before you might know a couple things about me; one) that I had a recent life-scare and two) that I am a-okay with gym time.

Some people aren't - that's not the issue here. Me? I like my gym time.

That 150 minutes of exercise that the "experts" recommend a person gets each week - no prob. I'll enjoy all 150.

Where are you going with this Jess? Blah, blah, blah to your exercising sermon.

Hang tight - I have a point.

Except I'm like a dog, I have to turn in three circles before I can lay down and be comfortable. And by comfortable, I mean get to the point.

Tying those two numbers together (up there, first paragraph, the one and the two) is a lot - right?

We, as humans are taught that if we want to live the longest possible life in the best possible health we should: eat right, exercise, work our minds, get plenty of fresh air, drink lots of water, maintain low stress and get enough sleep.


At least, this is what I've always heard.

Except, I feel like - I do those things. For the most part.

I mean, I have a severe sugar addiction - but I try my darndest to eat well any time I'm not shoving sugar in my mouth.

I have a standing reservation for a 10:30pm bedtime each night. (Shove off, weekend! You're not exempt here!)

I blog the gooberish stuff that's on my mind rather than trying to harbor it in and letting it weigh on me.

And yet, despite trying to hit all the recommendations - I still almost went lights-out in my early 40's.

Very early. Like barely over. (Listen, I know I act like I'm 160 but I'm only 41, okay?)

Point, Jess? Is there a point in here somewhere??

The point, Dear good People, is that you can do it all right. The eating, the sleeping, the stress-less, tasteless, water-logged lifestyle that you read about but still - its not a guarantee.

My eldest son still could have lost his mom two months before his High School graduation. My parents could have outlived their eldest child. The 41-year old thrill-seekers and risk-takers could have gone on another day challenging their every minute.

So the point is, taken from the words of a Pitbull song, "...everyday above ground is a great day - remember that."

Everyday may not be sunshine and rainbows. There may be days with pain and heartbreak, rain and all-around gloom. Days where you feel less like Tigger and more like Eyore.

But. You're. Here.

For a reason.

So give it all you've got.

That's it.

All that gibberish for that.

I know. I'm sorry. I'll try harder to pare things down in the future.