The SS Hugger

I'm an SS hugger.

I'll admit it - I am.

Some people are voracious huggers. They love to give hugs, they scarcely need a reason to do so and with limited encouragement or even the eensiest of opportunity - they will envelop someone in a hug - whether the other person likes it or not.

My husband falls into the category. He's part koala, I swear. If there is a person who looks like they could use it - possibly even an ill-created statue, he will hug them.

Sad? Here's a hug.

Just arrived? How about a hug?

Leaving? Here's a hug for the road.

Tired? How about an it'll-be-okay hug?

Others are cautious huggers. They open their arms only when they sense the initiation by another person and even then they wrap their arms with hesitation.

Then there are people like me.

(This is a vastly presumptuous statement since I'm assuming there are even two other people on the entire planet like me and the likelihood is - I'm swimming in my own pool of weirdness but grant me this presumption, will you?)

I'm an SS hugger. SS, in this case, stands for strong and shy. Because I'm not the type of person to hug freely and often but when I hug, I do so with until the "too much" gauge light comes on.

This isn't done with intentional harm. I don't set out to hug someone until I hear all the air squeeze from their lungs.

I'm not a complete weirdo.

When I hug someone, I have a repeat of words that stream from my brain and I squeeze as if trying to telepathically convey these words to the other person. "Take my strength. Take my strength. Take my strength." I say this, on repeat, until contact is broken.

Even if my mouth is saying other words, "I'm so sorry." "Drive safely." "It's so good to see you." My brain is still repeating, "take my strength" in rapid and rabid succession.

I will squeeze you until I feel that maybe, just maybe, I've given you a little piece of my strength.

So, why am I telling you this? This is supposed to be funny parenting-slash-pet-stories thrown in with a little common sense. This post is weird Jess, even by your standards.

Quite possibly.

But I'm sharing in case there is someone out there like me (oh please Lord, let there be at least one...) who squeezes just a little too fiercely... the chiropractic treatment of hugs given as the recipient sometimes gets lifted off their feet to let them know, they're not alone. They are a (welcome) part of the SS Huggers and we're not here to change our tactics.

We're here to give our strength - in hugs.