The Pleases & The Thank Yous

Working with children, seeing social media or just meandering out into the general public will give you glimpses of a parenting trend that should scare the ever living poo out of you.

It does me.

Frightens me to the very core of my being...

I’m talking about the lack of manners that is plaguing today’s youth. The overwhelming absence of basic niceties. The ease with which we trash talk via social media or offense v. defense. The abundant disregard for running thoughts through a decency filter before firing them away like arrows.

What happened here, parents?? Did you forget to read that page in the Parenting Handbook?? (Hint: none of us got a parenting handbook!)


Thank you.

Basic listening... like, with eye contact, and not talking while someone else is talking. Picking up someone else’s dropped item even though you weren’t the person who dropped it.

What happened to these things? Where have they gone?

Ladies and and gentlemen if we cannot even manage to teach our children the barest of basic decency and the most minimal of human kindness, then at what point is God not saying, “Hold my beer. I’m calling AJR. We gonna burn the whole house down.”

For a huge lump of us mamas and daddies, please and thank you were two of the first words we added into our children’s baby books under the VOCABULARY page.

They learned them so young they usually came out sounding more like “peas” and “tangoo” rather than the phonetically correct versions but regardless - they were there.

And now I hear them so rarely I wonder if they've been added to the endangered species list. Are basic manners in danger of extinction?!?! Or more to the point - are humans with basic manners in danger of extinction?!

Sincerely, I hope not. I hope I’ve been exposed to a poor specimen of humans and there are gazillions of others still opening doors and picking up their tablemates’ dropped pencil (for the eleventh time.)

But for the love of humanity, and just in case I’m not too far off on this - will you do me a favor and occasionally remind your children to use their manners?

See if they draw a blank look and take the span of a few moments to even recall what that means. If so, you might have one of these afore mentioned children.

I don’t want that for you.

I don’t want that for me.

Please, for the good of humanity, decency and their future professors and first roommates - jog your child’s memory on manners. Tactfully, bluntly, gently or - my personal favorite - threateningly. Anyway you go about it, man, is better than not doing it at all.

Thank you.

And I love you.

Peace out.