The 2020 Complaint Box

I've heard this year being referred to as many different things; train wreck, shit show, dumpster fire, turd bucket, hell trolley, etc. All of them a humorous attempt to make sense of the many weird challenges 2020 has brought to our lives. All of them repeated by me at one point or another throughout the course of this year as well.

What, perhaps, though, I and many others like me are missing in our attempts to categorize the year into one hilariously titled event is that there are people out there who really and truly have had 2020 give them the most awful year. Possibly ever.

My husband's aunt lost both her husband and her father this past year. That, friends, is awful. There have been many that have experienced the pain of loss; loss of a loved one, loss of a job, loss of a marriage - the real, true, life-altering losses. Not at all like the "loss" (using that term loosely now in the face of reality and perspective) of two games of my son's football season that they didn't play due to Covid issues.

So while I'm over here calling 2020 every name in the book because my kids were home from school with us for a few months and oh, wahhhh things aren't "normal" like they used to be, there are others, real people that you know and I know and that live near us and among us, that are getting up to another day of heartbroken existence.

In which case - who in God's Kingdom am I to whine or moan or bitch or complain about a year that gave me more time with my kids?

I mean, granted it was an abundance of time, some might even say an over-abundance, but really?!?! That's the leg that I'm standing on as the Fall season of 2020 starts handing out snow and I'm over here having a shovel-throwing temper tantrum?

Reality check - for me and for you if you're at all sitting in front of the complaint box with a stack of post-it notes like I have been, write something good on the next note. Do it. Write down one good thing that you got from 2020. Then set the rest of the stack aside and take a breath. This year is almost over and for the stomach-lining it has been (see, there I go, I just can't help myself!) it has actually gone pretty fast (as most years tend to do as you get older.) In a blink this year will close out and we will bring in 2021 with all of our hopes that it brings with it a great year to follow. But don't we do that every year? Don't we ring in every new year full of hopes and plans and dreams that it will be ideal?

On that note, maybe we should just strive to squeegee every ounce of sparkle out of the remainder of this year. And good news because the holiday season is pretty much upon us so if there were every a time to start finding a sparkly silver lining - tis the season (literally.)

I'm not sorry, 2020, for the abundance of monikers you have been given. Mostly because a lot of them are laugh-out-loud funny and I like funny stuff. But I am sorry for acting like my reasons to use them are just as big as the next person's reasons to use them. They're not. My reasons are purely based on minor inconveniences that I've escalated into full-fledged complaints.

I will attempt to be better.

And the next time I hear someone refer to 2020 as the puke bowl of years, I will just laugh and assume they have a really good reason for referring to it as such.

Because truly, I don't.