That's A Portion?!!

Over the past weekend my household males went on their annual Kill-the-State-Bird trip. I grocery shopped like a boss to prepare them for two-point-five days spent in a camper and decided to go a little wild and buy things I perhaps wouldn't buy for the house. It was my way of spoiling them a little when I couldn't be there. (And by couldn't I mean, didn't want to but anyway...)

One of the items I purchased (and never do otherwise) were those cute little packages of mixed kinds of cereals all in their nice little individual boxes. I thought it would be fun for them to have different kinds to choose from rather than buying one large box for them to share.

When they returned from their shooting fun I was ecstatic to find a few of the individual boxes had made it back without being consumed - one of them being Frosted Cheerios, (which are one of my faves!!) so I promptly and excitedly ripped into that sucker and poured it in a bowl.

...Only to sit and stare at the bowl and then the empty tiny box and then back at the bowl and wonder - what the heck was I supposed to do with this miniscule amount of Frosted Cheerios?

I don't have any toddlers around to give them to as a snack.

I don't have any Frosted Cheerios on the shelf to add to this head-scratching amount of cereal.

What was this nonsense about?

Were these jokers playing me? Was there a hole in the box that I didn't see?

Upon inspecting the box (because I put nothing past these turkeys) I was shocked to find that the side of it indicated this - this eensy portion in my bowl - was in fact the exact definition of the term "serving size."

An actual serving portion of cereal. Fits in a tea cup or other decorative piece of dishware.


No wonder we have an eating problem in this day and age. If I were act proper and measure my food to exact quantity indicated on the side of the box I would look at that paltry amount and think, oh to hell with this and then just pour it to the rim.

My serving portion. Fill it to the brim. Don't worry, the milk will find room...

They say man cannot live on bread alone but let me tell you, man cannot live on what General Mills or the FDA or the Surgeon General deems the proper serving size of cereal either.

Man would be in a permanent state of hanger right up to the point of death (by starvation, obviously!)

I realize I have zero control over this nonsense and there will be no fixing this little (and I do mean little!) problem with a solution I love to call - common sense but I would like to offer support out there to anyone who has poured themselves an actual serving size bowl of cereal, consumed it and then promptly thought - that was a great appetizer, I can't wait until the main course.

Cheers to those funny people whose job it is to decide serving sizes. ...Wait, I just realized I have three "servings" of wine in this glass.

Huh. ...Learn something new every day....