Thankful For Thanksgiving...Leftovers

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

If I had to choose to get rid of one holiday, I'd happily raise my hand and nominate Thanksgiving be taken off the list.

Seriously. If you're going to set aside ONE day to be thankful for the things you've been blessed with, then the next thing I'm going to nominate we banish from the island are ungrateful peoples like you. Bye, Felicia. Go be ungrateful somewhere away from humanity, thank you.

Be thankful everyday. There's always something you have that someone else out there is wishing they had - be grateful for it.

So if we take out the "need to be thankful" portion of the holiday what's left?

A day of over-eating, watching football and someone doing a massive amount of prep work and post meal cleaning for the 15 minutes of glorified inhaling that happens around the carefully laid out table?

What the heck kind of Neanderthals are we that we should call THAT a holiday? That's just sad.

Personally speaking, I'd like to take down the witches and the ghosts and go straight to putting up the tree and the Nativity Scene. Yes, I'm that person.

Unfortunately for a gargantuan-sized elf such as myself, my husband falls firmly in the jingle-free-until-December zone, (or as I call him, Scrooge.)

What this means is: we celebrate Thanksgiving. Even though I think its kind of pointless, it IS, technically, the start of the holiday season. So... if I do traditional Turkey-Day festivities, when the dishes are done I can zoom straight to GET THE TREE OUT OF STORAGE, KIDS, CHRISTMAS IS COMING!

You know the scene in Elf where Buddy hears that Santa is coming and has to prepare Gimmels?

That's me - post Thanksgiving meal.

Which leads to me to one of the things I am grateful for regarding Thanksgiving - leftovers. The abundance of leftovers help answer the inevitable question that comes from every kid approximately 45 minutes after eating any meal -even a large one. "Mom, I'm hungry. What's there to eat?"

There's leftovers in every crevice of the fridge, kiddos. Heat it up. Eat it cold. Concoct a new sandwich. This Mama is officially off food-making duty and in full-on decorating mode.

Don't interrupt. Things will go badly if you do.

So, thank you, Thanksgiving leftovers. And by extension, Thanksgiving. I guess we'll keep you on the calendar after all.