Teen Boys v. Teen Girls

Updated: Sep 16, 2018

I get this a lot, as a mom of only boys people love to say, "now that your kids are teenagers, just be thankful you didn't get girls."

Which is weird, because literally EVERY time I was pregnant people would assume I was wishing for a girl. People would be almost sympathetic when they heard it was a boy (or another boy, in the case of the last two.) .... Did that happen to anyone else?

Anyway. So, now they're teens. Well, my youngest is 12 going on 68, so he's sort of a teenager. So moms of girls love to tell me how easy I have it.

Do I? Do I really?

I mean, I am a girl. Okay, I was a girl, now I'm an old girl. I get girls and what they bring to the drama-covered table. I do.

But moms of girls, or moms of little boys, do you get what's on the other side of the coin?

Let me ask you, girl moms, when your daughter reaches, oh say 14, did you wake up one morning and realize this child of yours was suddenly stronger, faster and bigger than you? Have you ever wondered when having a row with your teen if you said the wrong thing would you wake up to find them holding a pillow over your face and realize you had very little chance of overpowering them to save yourself? I mean, seriously, I know girls can be difficult but if given the choice between having a door slammed in my face and called a B-word or snuffed out by my own flesh and blood, I'll happily take "Door Slamming for 200, Alex."

Here's my point. (like usual, it takes a while for me to arrive at destination Get To The Point, but ta-da, we're here!) Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be the kind of people who tell other mamas they have it easy. Or easier.

Fellow mamas, this parenting teen stuff is hard. For all of us. Special needs kid? Hard. Kid who gets left out of everything? Hard. Kid who didn't hit their growth spurt and is shorter than everyone in their class and made fun of incessantly? Hard. Kid who got pregnant? Hard. Kid who gets busted for drinking? Hard. Kid who studies and studies and still needs a tutor to even get a C-? Hard.

Boys. Girls. Doesn't matter. It's like raising little Hulks and She-Hulks. One minute they're the best thing you've done in your life and possibly your favorite person on the planet. The next minute you're researching boarding schools overseas and praying your sheet rock doesn't crack after that last door slam.

Let's stop saying, "you're so lucky...." and start saying, "we're so lucky. We get these little hoodlums in our lives for a little bit, but in case you're not feeling super lucky at the moment - I hear ya."