Slather, Spray and Sugar

**The following is not a paid advertisement. It is simply the opinion of one person whose "been there" many, many (many) times and would like to pass along her helpful insight.**

If you have ever spent one of those wondrous, glorious summer days outside where you stayed out from the humid, dewy morning until the humid, bug-infested dusk, you may have had the unpleasant yet necessary experience of removing layers of grime in your end-of-the-day shower.

I'm talking about those days when nature forces us to cake on sunscreen with a topper of bug spray and then whips some dust and dirt around to stick to it all (I'm looking at you here baseball and camping Mamas.) And then because those layers only last so long and their duration is not nearly as long as the sun's rays or the hunger of the mosquitoes - you need to reapply. Possibly more than once (depending on win or loss and how long this stinkin' tournament lasts already!!)

I believe we do this because Melanoma served up with a side of Malaria is something most of us would rather pass on.

So we slather and we spray with reckless abandon and it all seems covering and helpful until... shower time. Where God forbid you may possibly have a pre-bedtime leg shaving calling your name.

Have you ever heard what the lawnmower sounds like when its almost out of gas?

Your razor likely sounds the same as you drag it up your leg without properly removing the (six, was it??) layers of sunscreen, Deep Woods OFF and the dusty grime that topped it all off like frosting on a cake.

So, like the good and helpful person that I am, I shall share with you the secret of de-grime-ing. (It's a word! Just a broken up word that apparently my spell checker doesn't like because as I type this it's red-squiggle underlined.)

The secret, my friends, is Sugar Scrub.

There are oodles of brands and scents but this is my current fave. Available at Walmart.

The brand does not matter. The cost does not matter. What matters is that you have tiny granules of sugar inside this (delicious!) smelling scrub (and believe me, I've tried gazillions - they. all. smell. delicious) that have the delightful power to cut through the grime layers and leave your leg feeling fresh and smooth and oh wait - not so smooth yet - NOW it's time to use that razor.


Voila! Smooth, satiny, grime free legs... until tomorrow because - two day tourney. *Sigh.

Oh well, at least you know how to de-grime like a pro.

Go. Go, my friends and sugar scrub like the the outer layer of your epidermis depends on it.

You're. Welcome.