Sizing Up and Cutting Down

What are we doing in this world that we are still "sizing" people up for things. Or sometimes, sizing them so they don't fit into things.

I'd like to call bullshit on this societal crap trap.

We are humans. (No two are alike, remember? We are taught this little tidbit in grade school when we learn about DNA and our bodies.) We aren't meant to be replicas of any ideal body (which is a whole separate slippery slope because one person's version of what is "ideal" may be very different from the next person's.)

One of my least favorite phrases to hear spoken by a fellow human being is, "they don't have the right body type for _______."

Sometimes this phrase will be disguised as something like this;

"Bless his heart, he tries, he's just not tall enough to ever be a good basketball player." (Eye roll.)

"That kid works harder than anyone else but until he grows three inches and packs on 40 pounds, football just isn't in the cards for him." (Really?? Shall we go find stats of college players of similar stature?)

"Ballet dancers don't typically have the lower body girth that that girl has. She's got a booty like her mama's." (Her mama should sit on you for saying that.)


"That poor woman, were there no mirrors in the fitting room when she tried on that swimsuit? It's not doing anything for her figure." (If it's covering her ta-tas and her hoo-hah, then it is.)

"Covid did nothing for that girl's weight loss journey." (Maybe it's not a journey, maybe it's an adventure. And maybe her weight has zero gravitational pull on your life.)

"She's built like a dude. Does she even need to wear a top when she goes to the beach or does she just put on some swimming trunks and do some arm curls to make her veins pop?" (She wears a top. And she doesn't need to do the arm curls - her veins do that already. You should try it sometime.)

Different situations. Different people. And yet still - people being sized up because they don't fit into someone else's ideal.

Here's a thought - stop trying to make them.

How about YOU work on YOU. And if you're okay with your size - then maybe work on your need to make everyone else the "right" size.

You can't determine that. God already did. And - newsflash - there are already millions of people that have issues with THEIR OWN size. A size/body type that - parts of - they have almost no control over. (Anyone here ever wished they could change their height? Be taller/shorter? Anyone tried to change it? How'd that work out for you?) They do not need people like you mapping out what clothes they should/shouldn't wear, what sports they should/shouldn't play or any part of their future AT ALL.

They, if they are having their own issue with something, will likely find their own people to help them reach their goals - whether it be an athletic trainer to help them pack more muscle onto a petite frame, a shooting coach to help them with their free throw percentage, a dietician to help them with their nutrition goals or a Spin class to help them with their booty gains/calorie burning/anger issue (cuz Spin class can help with all those things.)


Coaches: if you have a player out for your team that is too short or too large compared to the rest of the team - how about focusing on their strengths instead of the one aspect you don't have control over. You're not God. (I know, that 61-game winning streak your team had in High School gave you a God-like complex and I applaud your wins with as much enthusiasm as I can muster, but you're still going to have to accept that you're not. And move on.)

Girlfriends, sisters, moms, sister-in-laws, mother-in-laws, grandmothers and grandmother-in-laws: welcome to a new world where we do not tear down other women. We do not gossip about if their clothes are not flattering to their body type or if they are pear-shaped or if they've had "work done." We cheer for their accomplishments and stand slack-jawed at the things they can do that we only wish we could do. (Sing perfectly in front of a crowd. Apply makeup flawlessly and not like someone used a Scribble-stix on their face. Lift more. Sprint faster. Throw farther. Dress perfectly every.damn.time. they leave the house.)



Applause. To my fellow females - on all the shit they are accomplishing that I only wish I could do.

You amaze the bejeezus out of me.

And to those of you not applauding - join in.

I'm the girl who some of you have speculated doesn't need to wear a top to the beach cuz she's built like a dude.

And I will use my dude figure to kick your ass if you don't stop the sizing and start the clapping pretty damn soon.