Senior-itis, For Parents

If you're a parent you probably remember Senior-itis, it posed itself sometime during your senior year of High School (or possibly even the summer before you started school) and its symptoms included things like; lethargy (in the form of getting home late from whatever and still having to do homework for class,) anxiousness, (why am I still here when I'm clearly ready to be done?,) excessive itching (to get out already!,) and not giving one crap about anything (going to school dressed in whatever-the-heck-you-wanted because - who cares?!)

Ahhh, that not giving a crap. Those were the days.

What no one tells you is Senior-itis revisits when you're a parent (like the Shingles and Chicken Pox thing, except for the red spots.) Fear not parents of young children, symptoms won't start for a few years. Right about the time your eldest baby is nearing his/her Senior year of High School.

Here's the things no one will tell you (except me, I will because I care, and because I'm brutally honest to the point of being a little harsh.)

Every photo you take that year will be a combination of happy/sad. Ladies, taking a simple picture of your children on a particular day (say, Homecoming day) will feel much like PMS. Should you smile? Should you cry? Dammit, who knew photo taking could evoke so much emotion... But, even though the Buggers in the camera lens are super cute, you'll be hyper-aware that this is your last photo with all of them. Your baby is a Senior. Next year you'll be minus one in all the photos. (I'll wait if you need a tissue.)

Facebook memories will all but kill you. I'm convinced the Facebook people have no children. At least none near the Senior age. If they did they would never do something so horrid as cause tears to spurt out of someone's eyes in the middle of the day by putting a "remember this?" at the top of their Facebook page. Dear Heavens, if you've ever thought about taking one of those breaks from social media - I recommend doing it that year. Take the whole year. Trust me.

All family things will seem better. Quick family road trip, eating out with the family, one evening where you're all home at the same time - best. things. ever. Because you're all there. And you'll be verrrry aware that next year, it will be only during visits that this has a chance in hell of happening. You will love and live for those days/moments where its still all of you. At least for a little while yet.

It seems like a rough time. An old-country road full of bumps.

It is. And yet you'll be so dang glad you get to be on that road with a car full of hooligans, you'll still find a bazillion reasons to smile.