Selfie Struggles

Ever since selfies became a thing the hubs and I have taken many. Sometimes it’s because there’s no one else around to snap a pic, sometimes it’s only the kids and they don’t want to look at us let alone capture a moment of us, sometimes it’s just a spontaneous thing that we are happy to be doing and want to commemorate it with a photo of that moment - but whatever the case, no matter the situation, there’s always a common theme....

The hubs somehow manages to look like he stepped off the Nordic Spa Flight - all blond, tall and rugged looking.

Every. Time.

And me? Somehow I‘ve always got something going. Chewing, mid-word expression, one squinty eye, humidity hair, dehydration face, arm-the-size-of-Texas, mascara running amok... it. never. fails.

Maybe this happens to other couples?

One of you is Christy Brinkley photogenic and the other is Chandler Bing faced in picture after picture?


Just me?

Okay, thanks. Good talk.

Glad you stopped by. Thanks for coming.


Nordic Spa Guy and Girl-Trying-Not-To-Eat-Her-Own-Hair