Reality Check

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

When you tell someone you work from home, your life looks fan-flipping-tastic from someone else's perspective.

Perhaps everyone's life in general looks much prettier from someone else's point of view. I tell everyone my dream job is to name paint colors, but maybe the guy with that job doesn't think its quite so fun.

Boss brings a new shade of Taupe.

Namer: looks like what was in my kids' diaper last night.

Boss: well we certainly can't call it diaper doodee! Think of a name for this shade. Something creative and compelling. Something soothing but not boring. Well... what do you think?

Namer: Turd-tan? Blow-out-brown? How can I name it when all I see is explosive diarrhea?

Boss: You're fired.

Okay, maybe its not that dramatic, but the point is, if you stop and think about what other people do - maybe reality isn't quite so rosy. Maybe, just maybe your version of their life skips a few (14) hours of what their day really holds.

I thought, perhaps, to help illustrate (literally) my point I would attach a few photos. Since they say pictures speak a thousand words and all.

Photographic evidence that working from home does not always (ever) mean keeping my Pinterest boards up to current trends and hey-is-it-wine-thirty-yet?

--What my husband thinks my lunch looks like: Cereal. Wine (maybe wine on the cereal - who knows with her?!) and making sure those Amazon people know I'm still alive.

--What lunch usually looks like: what can I find to shove in my face quickly while I answer four emails.

--What my kids think I do with the puppy all day - Insta-puppy selfie!

--What spending any portion of the day with a puppy will cause...shoe chewing and cleaning up stuff. Lots of stuff.

--How my family envisions me doing laundry. All the time in the world. Clearly, an enjoyable task.

--What "doing laundry" actually means: three loads a day and holy moly, I can't dry that or it'll fit Barbie and WHO LEFT A FUN SIZE KIT KAT IN THEIR POCKET?!?!

--What working from home entails: a lot of time on the computer and IB Profen. I hate this computer. I love you, IB Profen.

--How my boss, kids, friends and pretty much everyone sees me when I say: I work from home.

Here, my dear friends is the moral of the photos; never assume what so-n-so is doing must be so great because maybe someone else feels that way about what you're doing. And maybe we're all wrong. Maybe all jobs have a downside. A turd-tan side.

Be happy folks. Maybe what you're doing is a-okay after all.