Raising hell because of - not for

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

Make no mistake, if you see the title of this post and think - yaaassss, a fellow mom who will raise holy hell when her babies are wronged in the slightest way - you've come to the wrong place.

No worries, I'm sure there is a Blog for you. Future Sissies of America or Raising Spineless Sallies might be a little more your style.

I don't raise hell because someone told me my child did something wrong - I raise hell because They. Did. It.

Granted, I've never actually gotten a call from the school saying one of my children did..... well, anything - but you can bet your Grandmother's cat if that call comes and my butt goes marching down to the school there will be hell raised.

And my children will likely lose phones, iPads, Netflix, Ps4, television, talking and access to the M&M stash. Basically they can sit in their room with a book on American Sign Language because that will be their only source of entertainment and communication.

Now, I'm sure you probably think this is horrible - but I'd like to point out... 1) I didn't list "snacking" - I am, after all, not a complete monster and 2) maybe it is, but I refer back to the part where I said I've never had that phone call.

You see, my children know. They know what will go down. They won't be blindsided. They've been adequately forewarned. This is the life they live.

In addition to my undying love for them, my providing meals for them (and access to snacking, in case you missed that part,) homework assistance, shuttle service, car leasing, and me being their number one fan, they also get a mom who will not tolerate their crap.

This definition of "crap" includes, sassing, back-talking, doing something to one of your brothers (or another human) that would garner them a trip to the Emergency Room (c'mon, I have three boys, there's only so much limitation I can put on horseplay!) driving despicably, (speeding or being a jackass who thinks everyone needs to hear your bass) or not following the rules of basic human decency.

That's crap.

This is not an unreachable bar. Everyone can manage this.

Except for your kid, Micro-managing mom. They possibly cannot because you keep trying to be decent for them which, in turn, is causing your kid to be a drain on society - but have no fear crazed mom (if you're actually still reading this) - all it takes is a little raising hell to turn things around.

Just try raising hell in your own household instead of in school.