Pushing and Powering

She who pushes you powers you - this was a saying I saw on an ad for Athleta. Those Athleta people, they get me every time.

I mean, they don't get me to buy their clothes every time because Mama doesn't have that kind of coin to drop on a tank top and a pair of leggings but their catchy phrases of empowerment -those get me. Every time.

This one, in particular, gets me because it could apply to any aspect of your life. Sure gym time or workouts might be what it was targeted for but think about it, if you have a girlfriend who bakes like a boss and she gives you one of her recipes - she's asking you to try your hand at it.

Even if cooking ain't yo thang. Even if you don't know which end of the spatula to stir with - if she pushes you by offering to write out step by step instructions - then she powers you as well, since by mastering this you will add a new skill to your repertoire.

If your sister asks you to cut her hair, if your daughter asks you to proof read her English paper, if your mom asks you to plan the annual Thanksgiving get-together - all of these things may push you to do/try something you may not routinely do or may not feel comfortable doing. But generally, if someone important to you asks it of you - I feel like someone is more inclined to say yes.

So by asking you to do this, by trusting that you would do it and give it your all - they are empowering you to improve upon yourself.

Well said, Athleta people.

The reason I bring this up today is because I hope, occasionally if you read something here that perhaps you don't do/aren't a fan of/have never tried it that way, I hope you recognize the empowerment I'm trying to hand you by teaching you how NOT to be like Bradford's mom.

Bradford's mom is a couch complainer. She likes her house and she likes to complain about how everything is wrong in the world via social media, and get validation that's she's correct via comments so she doesn't have to venture out of her comfort zone. Nor push Bradford to venture out of "her" comfort zone either.

Bradford's mom is about to delve into that time of year some of us come to understand as Depression Alley. The post-holiday, the-tinsel-is-gone-now, why-is-it-so-boring, is-it-too-early-to-shop-for-Easter-stuff time of year. And this time of year can suck particularly for those who either aren't motivated or aren't pushed (here we go with that pushing again) to DO.

Get up. Get out. Tax your muscles. Stop breathing the same recycled air (oh you have an Air Purifier? DON'T CARE!) You need to push yourself during this. Not just to get through it but to be better, happier and healthier for it.

I don't care if your New Year's Resolution was to learn how to cut a mango and it has nothing to do with your health. This isn't about the first 11 days after the calendar has flipped. (Because, let's face it, most resolutions only last that long anyway!) This is about knowing how to combat a feeling of overwhelming blahness. (Yes, blahness. It's a condition. Where you feel too blah to do anything. And it looks blah outside which does not motivate you to do anything. The books on your shelves look blah. The board games look blah. Your dog looks like he'd rather nap and your checkbook says POST HOLIDAY APOCALYPSE! DO NOT GO TO TARGET!! That is blahness.)

I know what you're thinking at this point. She a mom of (perhaps a few too many) teenage boys who teaches art. Basically she does crafts all day and has rowdy kids - what does she even know about this?

And that is fine for you to question me. I would probably question me too. But you can't question all the research that has been proven to show THIS IS AN ACTUAL FACTUAL THING THAT WORKS PEOPLE! https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/depression/in-depth/depression-and-exercise/art-20046495




Should I continue? There's more....

Listen, I'm not an expert, by any means. But I do know that your home, your living room couch, your comfy chair, is NOT your sanctuary for all things. In this case, that couch or that chair is going to feed the beast. And unless you want that bastard to grow big and strong, you need to tame his ass like a kitten. And the only way to do that is to show him who's boss. Show him you can step away and YOU'LL BE FINE. Show him on days when it's so damn cold the windchill is too cold for your St. Bernard that you can do push ups and planks and build the kids a big-ass fort right on top of him.

Join a class. Get a friend to join with you to help you feel like a piece of turd if you bail and they go by themselves (that works. Also proven. Should I get some websites...? No, you're good?) Pull up a "living room workout" on YouTube (that's right kids, mama knows how to work YouTube too!) Put on Eye of the Tiger and do your best Rocky impression stair runs. And if all else fails and you feel the beast closing in, then jump on your computer (or phone or whatever the heck device you connect to the internet on) and come over here to Bloglandia and go to the CONTACT page and say, Mama Jess, the beast is in my living room - what should I do? And we will kick that things ass together. And I will only swear a little bit. I promise.

She who pushes you powers you. I'm pushing you to push yourself through the blahness. Whether that blahness comes in January or whether it happens year round. You can overcome it - I swear. It's possible. The Athleta told me so.