So, I haven't really talked about the puppy since she first came to live with us. For a couple of reasons, which will likely resonate with you if you either

A) have a dog of your own or

B) do not have a dog of your own .... so basically, all ya alls should understand.

Firstly, the part that dog owners will understand is because after you get a new puppy and the honeymoon phase ends (the point where they stop being little fluffballs that love to be held all the time) they immediately jump into their Terrible Twos. They fricking bite all. the. time. If you haven't gotten a handle on house training by this time, you no longer have little puddles of piddle you have accidents the size of some lakes in Minnesota, and basically you go through a period of, "great, all the dogs out there and we adopted Satan." For anyone who has a dog of their own, they know this stage well and realize you could literally tell stories for days on the hellish hazards your pup creates in this time frame. But....

Part B, for those who do not own dogs - you simply do not give that many craps about the antics of someone's hound. Its a dog. You chose it. You deal with it.

So talking about Fido becomes a tightrope walk of - am I talking too much? Am I talking to someone who even remotely understands the hell I'm dealing with?

To non-dog owners, dog stories are booooorrrring.


We have her. I've mentioned her in previous posts, so I thought I would just quickly mention - we've crossed the Grand Canyon sized chasm of hell and we didn't accidentally take her for a walk in the country and forget to properly secure her leash (kidding! kidding! we wouldn't do that, I swear!)

She still resides with us. Usually on top of one of us because she's a severe snuggler. Our older dog, who despised her on sight, has shown some fondness for having her around. She even got in on the family Christmas card photo this year, so basically, she's just one of the family now.

Anyway, if you've ever read anything on here and wondered what ever came of that cute puppy she had...?

She grew. Like they all do.

She had bad days. ...Like they all do (some more than others though.)

She had good days. Like they all do.

And we survived.

Also she's currently laying on my feet passing repugnant dog gas so I'm either have to end this or get an SCBA.

And I don't have a SCBA. So bye!