Pop Tarts and Macro Nutrients

Someone asked me the other day, as I was scarfing down the last of a package of Pop Tarts, how I can "eat that stuff?"

To which, I responded that I simply just open mouth, insert food, chew and swallow. It's very simple, really.

And then they clarified that they didn't literally mean HOW TO eat a Pop Tart so much as how in the ever-loving name of healthy choices was I choosing to eat, not one but BOTH of the Pop Tarts in the shiny silver package. "They're terrible for you."


"It's all sugar."


"People at your age shouldn't be eating them."

Wait, what's that now?

Here I was being so agreeable on the terribleness and the high sugar and quite frankly, no one should probably be eating them because - terribleness and high sugar - but the fact of the matter is they're delicious, kids love them and I have kids so they're a part of my grocery list. And sometimes, when I'm in a pinch and flying out the door and starving as a newly-awakened bear - they're the quickest path to shutting my stomach up.

So what do you mean "people at my age??"

I ask, and yet I understand.

As you age, your metabolism slows down. This either prevents you from eating some of the foods you did when you were younger (because they make you gain weight in a way they didn't in your teens and 20's) or you choose to eat them anyway and to hell with pants sizes! It's just a number anyway!!

Or... door number three is - you have established a lifestyle that has given you a little caloric leeway. So, every once in a while you eat a Pop Tart because it's there and cripes, yep! STILL DELICIOUS! and you go about your merry way.

That's me. I reside behind door number three.

So I decided to give you a typical "day in the life of" and keep track of what my average movement + calorie burn = intake looks like.

Ready? Come. Follow me. It's boring as hell but you're here so why not?

5:25am. Alarm goes off and I'm up and ready to tend to the menagerie of pets. Feeding cats and walking the dogs.

5:56am - back inside and to get ready for work. Shower time means FitBit on the charger time. Steps taken by this time = just over 1,800.

6:45am - time to wake the troops and eat (YES!) Today's breakfast: banana, Green Machine Naked Smoothie & Cinnamon Kashi cereal. Adding all of my portions into my FitBit food tracker and it shows I'm on track for the day.

7:15am - head to work, coffee in hand. After this I log my two tablespoons of creamer (hey - it's a BIG cup of coffee!) into my app.

12:01pm - heading home quick to let the dogs out, fold a load of laundry and grab some lunch. I have to be back in class by 12:30 so I gotta move quick! Steps taken by this time: just over 7,000 which is a little over three miles. I'm hungry and I know it.

I inhale a banana first thing when I walk through the door, eat an Activia yogurt as I'm folding the dish towels from the dryer. Grab a quick apple for the road and two handfuls of trail mix and head back to work.

After punching in my hodge podge lunch my app is telling me this is under target of where my calories should be. (See, shoulda grabbed a Pop Tart!)

2:30pm - head home from work a little early because I need to get to my son's basketball

game. It's an hour drive to get there so I desperately need coffee. I run home and nab a granola bar as I'm playing with the hell hound to wear out some of her energy. Then I hit the road and grab a latte and a Peanut Butter Snickers en route. Alas, still under target but I feel better.

6:15pm - after a foggy drive home the kiddo and I are both hungry and have a tolerance level around negative nine, so cooking is out of the question. Subway to the rescue! I hoover my six inch ham & turkey sub like I'm in a sandwich eating contest and eat the bag of Veggie Straws (these are my kryptonite!) The app is still putting my intake under target as my calorie burn at this point is 2,222 and I'm heading to the gym after dinner so this, friends, is why I sometimes eat Pop Tarts.

Can a person sweat to death? Asking for a .... person who sweats a lot.

Home from the gym. Shower. Make a double batch of protein balls to keep in the fridge for snacking needs. I eat one before it ever makes the container. Oh well. This ups my protein percentage into a "better" range for the day since that was my final intake for the day.

So my target ranges for carbs/fat/protein were ideal for the day but calorie intake was lower than it could have been. This is why I love using the FitBit app for tracking, for the record, since it shows the macro nutrient breakdowns and lazy girls like moi do not have to figure it out on their own (which I never would, if that were the case.)

Anyway, this was likely fairly boring but the next time you see me eating a Pop Tart or some other "kid food" and wonder what the hell is wrong with me just remember, I live behind door number three. The door where willpower is lacking but taste buds are happy.