Opportunity Labels

Every day you live on this Earth is a gift. Whether you choose to see it as such or not.

I know, I'm starting a little preachy.

Hang on, there's enough sarcasm to go 'round here. I can manage a few moments of preachy and still have plenty of room for humor.

Truthfully, though, since we all know (although some of you choose not to acknowledge!) that no one is promised a tomorrow - then if you think about it, every day that you wake up is a gift.

Imagine if every day your alarm went off instead of music or chirpy iPhone sounds you here - "Surprise! You get another one!" complete with the sound of party horns blowing.

Truly, that's how it should seem. Then rightfully, we as the gift receivers should pop out of bed and say, "Wow, thanks. That's exactly what I was hoping for!" and then should start going about trying to make the most of the next 12/16/18 or how many ever hours you allow your body before the next bout of sleep.

Buuuuuuuut (oh Lord there it is. The but.) that's not the way most of us operate any day let alone every day. Some of us dread hearing the alarm go off. We beg, plead and scream at it to shut up and just let the day start a little later.... or maybe worse - not start at all.

Some of us go through the motion of not only the morning but well into the afternoon with heavy feet and a complaint ready for anyone within ear shot.

"Cripes, another Monday." (As opposed to NOT having a Monday? I mean the alternative here is death so.....)

"Oh goody, it's only Tuesday, why can't it just be Friday already?" (Yes, oh chipper one, because I'm sure you'll be a bucket of gratitude when that day rolls around.)

"I wish I could go back to bed and sleep this day away." (We wish you could too, Eyeore. Maybe then you could get up on the other side of it.)

"Who ordered another crappy Wednesday?" (Wednesdays happen every seven days, genius. You'd think you'd get a handle on how to deal with them.)

Some of us fail to not only start the day by saying, "thank you" but fail also to offer up a word of thanks during the middle or at the end of it either.

Why?!?! Why do we fail at this simple task??

How hard is it to say, "Hey thanks, God, for not taking me out today. Really appreciative of getting to tuck my kids in another day. I owe ya one."

I mean - read the words in quotation marks s-l-o-w-l-y and it's what? 30 seconds out of your day - maybe??

I will tell you, dear people, not every day is easy. There are days where you feel like to failed more than you did things right.

But you still had the opportunity to try.

I haven't always been Miss Mondays-Are-A-New-Opportunity but when I finally figured it out (the first time I was ever hung over. I lost a huge portion of a day due to recovering from drinking too much the night before. I lost a SOLID HALF OF A DAY WITH MY KIDS because I couldn't switch to water at some point during the evening prior. Good goin' Jess. Nice choices.) I realized that not even trying to Carpe Diem! Seize the day! was the equivalent of opening a prettily wrapped present and then promptly handing it back to the sender.

Right there. To their face. "Here, no. I don't want this. Thanks for thinking of me but it's not something I'll use so you might as well take it back."

Hey, you don't have to say those words, (I'll say them for you!) the meaning is implied the same regardless.

The point I'm taking the detour route to get to is: you may not pop out of bed everyday and put on your armor with glee, ready and excited to take on whatever the day throws at you.

That's fine.

It's fine if you hit the snooze button.

It's fine if you operate in a fog until you've poured your first cup of coffee down the hatch.

It's fine if you have low points - not just once - but multiple times throughout the day.

It's fine.

After all - there. will. be. lows.

But failing to remember days are a gift, insulting the gift-giver over and over, spending day in and day out complaining about EVERY. LITTLE. THING. - this is not fine.

One of my favorite quotes is, "Opportunities are rarely ever labeled as such."

So many times people miss opportunities because they don't see them. If something is not aptly labeled OPPORTUNITY TO CHANGE THE JOB YOU HATE FOR THE BETTER - someone may pass on the chance to change employment. If something doesn't come to us with words that say OPPORTUNITY TO MEET YOUR FUTURE BEST FRIEND or OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE A BOAT LOAD OF CASH FOR YOUR RETIREMENT we may skip over that class we signed up for or that stock option our employer offered.

Days are no different. If you woke up tomorrow and your cell phone screen said OPPORTUNITY TO WATCH YOUR KID KICK BUTT IN THEIR SCHOOL PLAY - it might be a little easier to zip out of bed and tear through the day - excited about getting to the moment where you could go to the school play and know you were going to see your kid kill it.

But instead, your phone will just say the date. Like it always does.

Just remember, Sunday could be code for OPPORTUNITY.

It may just be labeled differently.