People love to pigeon-hole things, don't they?

Teacher - elementary school... Nurse - ER... Pilot - Delta... Stay at home Mom -toddler and three month old... Salesman - medical equipment... Administrative assistant - lawyer's office.

Its not enough to be - you have to list your adjective for the pigeon-holers too.

This is a problem for me seeings as how I do not fit. Ever. Ever heard the "square peg, round hole" analogy?

That's me.

Other: You're a Blogger. ....Well, what kind?

Me: Um...the new kind?

Other: No, what kind of blog? Fashion? Fitness? Parenting? Pets? Cooking? Crafting?

Me: Yes?

Other: Yes, what?

Me: Yes to a lot of those.

Other: How can that be??

Me: Well, I get bored talking about the same stuff over and over. People would get sick of me. Can't I write a bit about momming and a bit about being a dog-mom and another bit about my love of baked goods?

Other: No. Well, you shouldn't. How would we label that?

Me: Interesting?

Other: *Eye roll* - No, like what's your main theme?

Me:...*thinks a bit* Life Humor.

Other: Life humor? So like Lifestyle Blogging?

Me: Sure, but with a funny twist.

Other: Are you ever serious?

Me: I'm seriously annoyed at you trying to make me write about one thing and one thing only.

Other: Whatever. I'm outta here.

Me: Bye Felicia.

Okay, I've never actually had this conversation, but I feel it's just one annoyed person away from happening.

So here's the deal. If you've been over here scoping things out, thank you. I hope you found at least one thing that made you laugh so hopefully you'll come back at some point.

Don't expect to always read about the same topic. I have oodles of things I want to say to you guys. We've barely scratched the surface of eating. Can we talk about carbs? The holidays aren't too far away - don't even get me started on Christmas cookies! My kids routinely do things that surprise the crap out of me and I may feel inclined to share more of my life as their mother. But I'd also like to talk about my fear of flying, my love of taking pictures, and the crazy things I do at the gym.

Can we talk about all that?

Well, I'm going to.

If you'd like to come along for the ride - I'd love to have you. Which reminds me, at some point I'll need to address people who drive terribly and my reaction (over-reaction) to them.