No Peace, No Piece

If you ever check this place looking for new pieces of insight or entertainment, you've likely left shaking your head in disappointment lately.

I know. I'm disappointed in me too.

Once the school sent us home I had big thoughts of oh, I'm going to get a whole bunch of new posts up on my blog! only to rapidly be reminded of one thing, I can't write when there's noise.

And, if you know me or have read anything here, you know I have three children. Wait, not just children, other people have children and can accomplish periods of near silence in their homes... I have.... the right word escapes me, three heathen-hellcat-tazmanian-tornadoes. Ahhh, that's the word I was looking for.

Jess, that's more than one word.

Not if you say it fast enough.

Anyway, on top of all of THAT, my husband relocated his office to our upstairs. So, now he's home as well.

AND on top of that, this was the week we were scheduled to have contractors come in and do the things to the basement that make it look less like a bomb shelter and more like a space where humans might reside. And they have been, right on schedule. Covid distancing need not apply to them because they come in in groups of two or three and go straight to our downstairs (where none of us are) and do the things.

If my house is somewhat noisy on a normal basis, this whole situation has turned up the volume to near max level. The contractors are drilling screws into the ceiling beams (as you can imagine, that does not emote a quiet, white noise) while the tazmanian tornadoes are playing video games, where their friends talk to them so I can hear not just their voices, not just the game sounds but also the voices of other humans (at least I think that's who these other voices are.... sometimes it's hard to decipher some of the voices I hear.) Plus the hubs is c-o-n-s-t-a-n-t-l-y on the phone. 92% of his workday involves talking to other people. And due to social separation needs - that means = on the phone. In my house. Where I can hear one side of a conversation.

As with most of you, I imagine, you combine whatever noise you have going on with a steady stream of background noise made from simply living... washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, doors opening and closing, toilets flushing....

It is not the ideal creative space for someone who feeds off of silence.

My words flow when it's quiet. My thoughts are triggered by the sound of just my fingers tapping the keyboard. My humor is fueled when I can hear just the conversations of the voices in my head above all other noise.

Which... is not happening at the moment. Nor any moment in the foreseeable future.

So, I apologize. If you've come here and come away with nothing, scratching your head at my absence of blabber, I'm sorry.

It is not my intention to ignore any reader who may grace my domain or the thoughts in my own head. But they're being drowned.

Legit, they are yelling for help except they get pulled under so often sometimes I only hear part of the word, "he....." and a few seconds later, "he...." again.

And I'm like, he?



What are you trying to say here?

So I guess, until I get some damn peace and quiet around here, I may not have any wisdom, wit or wonder to offer you.

But I will have a basement that needs to be finished, so I guess I can always turn this place into one of those fancy Home Improvement Blogs.

Except, without the fancy.

Mama's got a budget, you know.