I just got done cleaning the floor. By hand.

Yes, as in on my hands and knees.

Why, Jess? Why are you channeling this Ma Ingalls method of floor cleaning? Have you not heard of a mop... or better yet a handy-dandy Swiffer Wet Jet??

Yes. I have those things (both of them) but, ...well, ...the thing is.....

I'm a bit of a clean freak.

Not super bad.

I know people who are super bad clean freaks. I am not them.

But, I do feel more.... at ease? when my house is clean. My clean, that is.

And my clean just so happens to think the mop and the Swiffer Wet Jet do an inferior job when compared to sliding with dishtowels folded under my knees and a bucket of sudsy water and to keep my company.

And my floor sparkling clean.

Okay, maybe not sparkling - but free of tiny paw prints, size 11 and up sweaty foot prints and the occasional bottom-of-the-shoe print. (Who walked in with their shoes on?? Again?!?!)

I'm also, (as long as I'm confessing all things cleaning related,) not one of those people who thinks clean smells like nothing.

I think clean smells like - cleaning stuff.

I think the smell of grapefruit is fresh and citrusy-delightful both when I'm cutting a grapefruit AND when I'm cleaning. Using my Method Pink Grapefruit multipurpose cleaner.

And when I'm finished, I don't think, Ugh - that smell is overpowering. It smells like a truckload of grapefruits crashed into my living room.

I, instead think it smells - fresh and citrusy-delightful.

The same goes for lemon, mountain air, and the ever trusty bleach scent.

Walk in, sniff the artificially scented air. You may find its pleasing to your nose. ...You also may find you kill a couple of brain cells if you arrive too soon after a thorough cleaning and sniff a little too hard but hey, it beats the smell of sweaty gym shoes and doggie fur that this joint normally smells like.

Go ahead, sniff the air... you might find you like it!

Anyway, here's the deal with this post. I'm trying to be super real with y'alls. Whether its about the kids, the eating, the swearing or whatever - I am many things (and many of them not good) but I am SO NOT a liar.

So, I just thought I'd get honest and tell you of this little quirk of mine.

If you want to make fun of me, that's okay. Many people do.

If you can relate to this a bit - that's great. Maybe we can form a club or something.

Overcleaners Anonmymous. And hey, if we need a place to meet - my house is clean - we can even eat off the floor.

For the next 20 minutes or so...