Mopey Melancholy Mama Lost Her Mojo

This is where I'm at with day 58 million of social distancing. (Hey, if you're actually keeping track - hoorah for you. I have literally zero idea what day we're on. Sorry.) I struggled in the beginning. Struggled to find structure and balance and to know what was too much and what was unnecessarily freaking me out and then... and then we got into a groove. We found an eensy glimmer of balance and that was followed by some rays of hope and dotted in with huge amounts of laughter.

Also, sunshine.

Its no coincidence that those days where we were finding our groove fell on the same days that any decent meteorological reminder would show were the "warmest" of the past how-many-ever-days-we've-been-at-this.

Sunshine brings happiness. I'm a firm believer of this.

That being said, up here in the Great White North, we are often bullied with small bursts of legit Spring temperatures only to fall hook, line and sinker in love with them and then hear the evil laughter of the Universe as it rips away all trace of 60-I-don't-think-so temps in favor of some 30's (dig out your winter coat again, you gullible optimist, you!) with a side of hurricane-like winds and topped with the occasional burst of snow.

And because of this, my mojo is missing. Stella Got Her Groove back and then promptly lost it again. This mama is not down with tempting temps in the 60 degree range followed by days upon days of cloudy, grey, windy-as-all-get-out, 40's (that, make no mistake, "feel like" 31 after you factor in the wind chill.)

Not. down. with. that. Thank you.

These sucky, overcast, chilly days have stolen our desire to play a quick game of P-I-G after lunch. They've stolen our desire to make sidewalk chalk creations and hang outside with the pets as they sun themselves on the back patio. They taken away random runs (because running sucks already but running in the wind? We're taking a hard pass.) outside and yard work and bonfires and basically everything. It has left us with the craving need to get out of our city's limits and to be 500% over looking at the same colorless scenery out of our windows.


We seemed to be managing so well... was continued sunniness too much to ask for?

Clearly, it was.

Anyway, so now I'm not so good. I'm wallowing in my pity and dousing myself with daily doses of over-information that makes my little brain do weird things. And if I sound like a whiny, petulant child right now then I have hit home the exact voice I was working for because its is spot on of how I feel.

Here's hoping that you're all handing this in a more upbeat and positive fashion than I.

Cheers and safe wishes -

With love from Mama Jess.