Or mela-cut-that-off-me-a... or mela-not-today-ma.

You can call it whatever you like, but it won't change what it is. The deadliest form of skin cancer and one of the most common cancers found in young adults in the United States.

Normally, if you've read anything here, you know that I like to keep things light... funny and also very real.

Unfortunately when the subject of conversation is melanoma - light and funny are not really part of the equation.

The real part - that I can do.

So - the word of the day, kids, is SUNSCREEN.

Everyone, let's say it together, "sun-screen."

"Good, Johnny, you were a little loud, we just need to say it, not shout it."

Up here in the great, white North we are just starting to see and feel the sun. Enough to the point where we can actually do this thing other humans like to call "going outside."

Which, is nice....lovely... and enjoyable.

Also - a reason to slather on SPF like your Aunt Patty slathers on that scented lotion she likes so much.

Protection and early detection are the keys to keeping the melanoma monster firmly stuck under the bed - where he belongs.

Also, as someone whose had melanoma - I'd like to offer you my (least) favorite statistic about it and that is that over 7,000 people in the United States!! are expected to die of melanoma in 2019.

This year.

This. Freaking. Year. Alone.

Not okay. I do not like that number.

So... I beg of you. Whoever you are... JUST PUT SOME DAMN SUNSCREEN ON ALREADY!

Okay that was a little yell-y, but I'm emphatic.

Also for the demons of the world who are still operating indoor tanning salons - how do you sleep at night?

Stop that nonsense people. If you want to be tan in the winter use the lotion. Move to Hawaii. Do anything other than lay in a coffin-shaped tanning machine.

Don't believe me - ask the dishes - they can sing, they can dance....

Okay no they can't, but if they could they'd sing you a song about stopping your tanning habit and wearing sunscreen and living to see another year.

Sunscreen Queen - out.