Hello.... It's Me - Phytoplankton

I've been less post-y. Sorry if you've noticed. Unfortunately for all parties involved, this does not mean I'm any less opinionated, merely I've have had fewer opportunities to gather my thoughts into one spot.

Nine-tenths of this is due to my kids being home more so than usual. Due to the obscenely high number BEHIND THE MINUS SIGN my children's school opted to close for three days last week in an effort to keep kids out of the bitter, skin-biting, frost-bite-inducing cold.

Three days.

Yep. You read it right.

They were home Monday through Wednesday.

Three...gloriously....loooooooooooong days.

See, for those of you who may not reside in the Great White North, school cancellation due to a snow storm can be fun. There's snow to play in. There's shoveling for those who tick mom off. There's snowballs to throw at one another until someone cries.

But school cancellation due to bitter cold wind chill? Not the same. Not fun. There's no stress relief from getting fresh air.

There's just you. And your siblings. And if you're very unlucky, like my children are - your mom. All of you staring outside wondering why it actually looks like a sunny winter day but when you open the door to let the dog out your wet hand sticks to the INDOOR handle.

Yep, just some quality time spent realizing that the way one another chews is enough to make you want to stick your head out the window so your ears freeze and by extension makes it impossible to hear WHAT CAN ONLY BE DESCRIBED AS THE SOUND A HORSE MAKES WHEN IT'S CHEWING OATS!!!

That? That is the opposite of a fun day.

To make matters super thrilling, they have to make up two of these days. One of them will chop into their Easter break and the other gets tacked on to the end of the school year. ...When all the intensive learning gets done.

Needless to say, my creative vibe was frozen like the crusty snow outside and therefore my blog was neglected like the dog walking duty that also didn't happen those days. (Don't scoff at me! Even the dog does not want to walk in 48 below zero windchill. I ain't raising no foolish frostbitten pup.)

So... if you're wondering where I've been or if I broke both my hands or if I chucked my computer out the window - now you know. And - I'M BAAAAAAAACK!

And if you didn't care and didn't really notice this place had turned into silence-ville, thank you. For reminding me of my place in blog society.

If you need me I'll be hanging over here with my friends the Phytoplankton.