Handle Your Sh...tuff

I am currently sitting in my office, staring out the window at one pile of very brown dog poo in the middle of the pristine white snow in my front yard.

I am also grossly (excuse the word play) aware that A) I do not blame the dog who decided to only walk 12 steps to poo rather than make the usual trek to the perimeter of the backyard because it. is. Godforsaken. cold. here and B) that at some point today I'm going to have to go out in the aforementioned Godforsaken cold and clean it up because that pile makes my house look like shit.

No really, it does.

It gives the impression that on top of (jeez these puns just keep coming) all the unsightly shoveled lumps and paths (there is already an ugliness that winter gives to curbside views) I don't even care if the gross looks grosser. There's no pretty landscaping to show through the vastness of white. There are no pots of flowers to beckon you past the frozen layers. It already looks like blah, yucky, white, blech out there. And now I have a poop pile, front and center, to make matters worse. To make ick look ickier.

So it must go.

Now before you think, this is the stupidest post I've ever read. Why am I still reading this crap (literally)?

I think I have a point coming.

The point is that not everyone is willing to take the five minutes to clean up the poop. No matter how shitty it may look. They have an ability to look over it. Or to make an excuse for it. Or to tell themselves - I'll deal with it later.

And if we dig a little deeper here, we'll get that it's not just poo that we're talking about.

Some people don't have that little nagging sense that says, "I should take care of that." Or, "I should deal with that."

I know this because when adults do not have this, often times their kids do not have it either. And these kids go to the school where I work.

These are the kids that wash their hands after they use the bathroom, wad the paper towels up and shoot it from downtown - miss - and then walk out of the bathroom.

That wad of soggy paper towels are now someone else's job. They did their job, that was to use the restroom and wash their hands.

I know this also because my very first "real" job was cleaning hotel rooms. So I know that there are adults who leave bodily fluids in places and can completely overlook that they're there. It's not their job to rinse them down the drain or wipe them up, their job was apparently to extricate that fluid from their body and then ...walk out the door? I guess.

I know this bec....

Listen, there are a bazillion examples I could sight here. Things people leave, drop, walk around without picking up, don't care enough to whisk away, that I could wax poetry about.

But I won't. I'll just say this; if you, as an adult, aren't willing to deal with the shit you have to deal with, then the likelihood is, your kid isn't either.

If you routinely say, "I'll deal with it later," and then promptly forget about it, or intend to but then go back to do it and realize someone's already done it, the reality is, the same goes for your kiddo. He'll pick up that piece of paper later. ...But later is after the janitor already did it. She'll pick up that sports bra later. But later is after the other girl on the team already found it on the floor and thought, "hmmmm, Nike? My size? I think I'll keep it." And then your girl comes home whining that "someone stole her sports bra."

Do you get what I'm gettin' at here?

If not, it breaks down really simply, but *warning* a little abrasively too... It goes like this:

CLEAN. UP. YOUR. SHIT. so others don't have to see/deal with/look at it.

And yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

Also, "monkey see, monkey do" so if you're dealing with your crap and your kid starts dealing with their crap then you don't have to deal with theirs and yours. And you don't have to yell at them for "leaving their crap lying around."

This little step comes full circle relatively rapidly.

Lastly, I hope you realize that despite the amount of times I said the word "crap" (or a synonym of it) in this post - there is a life lesson here that may have nothing to do with actual poop.

And now that I've said my piece, I need to go pick up some crap. Literally.