Freaky Habits

I get called a freak a lot.

It's okay, I'm mostly used to it. I only wince a little bit now.

See the thing is, I am passionate about the benefits that exercise brings to one's life.

No... I'm not talking about weight loss.

Did you see the words weight loss anywhere up there?

No. That's not a benefit - at least not in my book.

I'm passionate about the REAL benefits of routine exercise; sleeping better at night, less injury from basic movement as you age, increase in strength, mobility, stamina, endurance and positivity.

Those benefits.

But I'm also, despite the freak label, very real about exercise.

For instance, I fully concur that not every exercise nor every type of exercise is suitable for every person.

Also, I'm 100% real about the fact that I exercise because - I love to eat.

This is bad. This is n-o-t NOT, NOT, NOT what personal trainers or people in the fitness industry want you to think/feel/do. They want you to make good choices that fuel your body to it's maximum potential.

Not me. I want to know that if I come home from work and toss back two handfuls of peanut butter M&Ms that I need not stress. I will deal with them later. For now, they taste delicious.

So..... here's the deal, if you see me in gym attire (fancy folks call it athleisure, I call it, "I haven't had time to change out of my gym clothes") and think there she goes, what a freak. Another workout.

No literally, my jam. Like spoon-straight-in-the-jar jam.

A) You're not alone. Other people think that.

B) I only ever work out once a day and only four times a week on a good week so that word "another" is entirely unnecessary.

But on the flip side, if you ever want someone to graze with - I'm your girl. I'm the girl who puts food in her mouth at an alarming rate - so when you have those days where you can't stop eating, come stand by me. Those days are my jam.

You take the good, you take the bad, you take them all and then you have - me. And my exercise-and-food philosophy.

Admittedly, it's not for everyone. Some of you out there have a little something called "self-control" around buffets, appetizer displays and those so called "tear-and-share" size bags of M&Ms.

Some of you out there choose to eat salads day in and day out because you think that is what you need to be your healthiest. This group has iron will power to deny themselves almost any dessert selection and are rarely seen without a water bottle.

Some of you are fine with walking three days a week and don't intend to task your heart more than that. (Which is fine - if that's what you're happy with and your doctor is okay with it - then yay for you.)

Others of you think exercise is a four-letter-word (it's not, it's eight but...) and have not yet come to the realization that your tossing and turning at night could be handled with a simple fitness addition to your routine.

It's fine - everyone's on their own journey here. You'll get to where you need to be in your own time.

In the mean time, if you ever want to see what life is like in the M&M-eating-lane - you know where to find me.

Come.... let me introduce you to the dark side.