Fitbit Giveaway

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

***This Giveaway is Closed - congrats to winner Megan P.***

Every once in a while I like to gift something because I have that something and I love that something almost as much as I love coffee. Or my own children. Or wine. (Those things are not in order, thank you very much to everyone who was about to email me and tell me what a horrible mother I am. I'm aware. Save yourself the time.)

Today, that thing is the Fitbit Charge 3.

I love my Fitbit. I loved my first one that was simple and just kept track of my steps and my sleep activity. I loved that it reintroduced me to looking at my wrist for the time instead of pulling out my phone and getting sidetracked for 18 minutes answering texts.

I loved the second one that I had until I did one too many times vacuuming the pool with that thing on because my brain forgot and it eventually sent me a message saying, "here's your final reminder that this is not a waterproof device."

In the form of - it died. And never came back to life. Even after some rice bag CPR treatment.

So, an addict like myself dropped subtle hints about it since Mother's Day was approaching. Subtle, as in, "GOLLY I SURE DO MISS MY FITBIT, EVERYONE. I LOVED THAT THING AND I FEEL SLIGHTLY INCOMPETENT WITHOUT IT." And then I dressed in all black for nine days straight to remind my family I was in mourning over the loss of my beloved Fitbit.

And lo and behold, Mother's Day granted me a purty new rose gold Fitbit. The waterproof kind.

...My kids are so perceptive.

Anyway. So, I'm wish granting a shiny, new Fitbit to one lucky person. And if you've never wished for one then you don't know what you're missing, Sister!

--24/7 Heart rate tracking. Dental fear? (We're talking about you here, not me, focus!) You can sit and watch your heart race and know it's not just a bunch of bologna. Incredibly fascinating information. If you exercise at all - you'll like it for that too.

--Waterproof. This one can be submerged up to 50 meters deep and is shower safe so swim those laps. Vacuum that pool. Drop it in the tub. It's all good.

--Smartphone notifications. Texts, calls, calendar reminders - they'll all come through on your wrist. One quick glance and you've got it in your brain. No more getting out your phone to check who that last text was from and then 75 minutes later realizing you need to start dinner. And throw your phone in the toilet. That thing will suck the life out of your day if you let it.

--Move reminders. Netflix binge day? Hey, everyone deserves some down time every once in a while - I'm not here to judge. But for those days when its just you and your butt enjoying some quality growing time - move reminders will gently nudge you into saying - hey, your heart could use a little help moving blood to the other parts of your body - why don't you go take, oh...say, 250 steps around the house and then come back and finish season three.

These are just some - just the tip of the iceberg - of great things this baby will do.

To learn more - check the complete details in the Fitbit link.

Then for goodness sake's, enter to win this thing.

Someone's going to - it might as well be you.

To enter: leave your name in the comments section of the is post. No need to leave your full name, your Mother's maiden name and your astrological sign, just your first name and maybe a last initial (if you have one of those really common first names, like - ahem, yours truly.)

Winner will be chosen at random and notified via email used to comment.

Good luck!