Everybody Needs Somebody...Sometime

Here's my philosophy on surviving - well, everything. Ev-er-y-bo-dy needs someone in their life that they can send a text like this.

Person: My kids are driving me bonkers. Seriously, I'm losing my mind. Looking into adoption. For them.

Friend: Reminder: adoption is a lengthy process, they could be with you for several more years before

placement. You should try Craigslist.

Everyone. Except Jesus. He's good without all the help and the sarcasm.

The rest of us - we need a sounding board. We need a bouncer. We need someone who will help us raise hell and offer us grace.

Someone you can send a text to saying you are immensely frustrated with your spouse, whom you love and adore and but when you're at your wit's end and ready to kill the person - you send that text and the person responds with, "oh, I just bought garbage bags so I'll bring those."

Or something of the like.

Not someone who will become instantly worried about your mental health and well-being. Not someone who will call your spouse at work the next day to make sure they showed up and certainly not someone who will turn around to the other people in their lives and comment how they're worried about the status/survival of your marriage because you seem to be experiencing a "rough patch."

Those kind of people? They're a dime a dozen.

You can have many of them in your life, but you'll likely find you spend most of your time watching what you say around them rather than just being yourself with them.

As an open introvert (?? What's that now?) I can sit here and tell you that even the most introspected, social-phobe needs at least one person. There will be situations/days/moments that will literally be easier to handle because of this person. Whether they pick your kid up from school when you're stuck in a meeting and can't get there. Whether they offer to key your boss' car when he passes you over for the promotion you've been working toward or whether they bring over a bottle of wine and then help you finish off the bottle. On a Wednesday. Because they knew it was THAT kind of Wednesday.

I hope you have a person like this.

They may share your DNA. They may share part of your street address. They may have shared a dorm room with you in college or a wall of your cubicle at work.

However they came to be in your life - I hope you take a moment and are thankful for them.

Raise your glasses, I'm feeling wordy. I'll raise my iced coffee and type with one hand (hey its only 11am here!)

A toast to our person.

Our go-to.

The person you would call before the cops if you couldn't find your kid.

The person who cheers for your kid at their baseball game, even though your kid is the one that only sees the field for that one inning.

The person who will reload the toilet paper in your bathroom rather than ask you if you have more toilet paper in your house.

The person who saw you consume a row of Girl Scout's Thin Mints in one sitting and doesn't remind you of it the next time you remark on your pants feeling tight. The person who knows that taking you to the bar on a Saturday is the equivalent of taking a whale out of the ocean. (Nothing good will come of this. There's no place for him here - put him back thank you.)

The person who - when you are on the brink of criminal activity - politely reminds you that orange is not your color.

The Piglet to your Pooh. The ET to your Elliot. The Kimmy to your DJ.

Whatever their name - cheers to these people.