Eating, well.....

Let's get one thing straight - one of the reasons I exercise is to eat like a toddler.

Don't tell your trainer friends. Trainers - pretend you didn't see that. Stop reading now, you'll only be disappointed if you continue.

I have many reasons I hit the gym on a regular basis. None of which I'm going to get into now because those reasons don't fit under my title. And if you've read anything that I've written - you know I could never do something as simple as just list my reasons.

I need lengthy explanations. They make me feel better about myself. And usually by the end of them, I have made some teensy bit of sense - at least to my own brain.

So - other reasons: I banish you from this post. For now - we shall talk about the delicious foods of Fall.

It's Fall now, Ya'll. Yee-haw! All those flavors and smells that you wait all year for - find the confetti, Man - they're back! Some of you can literally smell pumpkin bars right now. Some just pictured their Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte with such clarity they may have reached their hand for a drink that wasn't there. Others of you see apples turned into crisps and pies and turnovers and leave it to God to create a fruit so perfect it doubles as a baking ingredient.

Me - I'm on a different train here. (Not that I don't love apple turnovers. I do. I SO do.) But my first love is and will always be cereal. And when Fall sneaks it's chilly self onto the food shelves, it brings one of my childhood favorites with it.

Count Chocula.

Dear Heavens, I love this stuff. I would never confess in broad daylight the number of boxes I can eat in the short amount of time General Mills brings this back to a store near me (or not near, I'll drive for this stuff, people!)

Next to my boyfriend, Count - you'll find another Fall goodie, lining my pantry shelves - stockpiled because mmmmmmmm, they're so good - Brachs Autumn Mix.

Adorable. There's no other way to describe corn candy. Its just freaking adorable. I love to bite the colors apart. I love to have a few pieces with my morning coffee. It really is one of my favorite parts of Fall.

Except the yucky pumpkins in the bag. Their only purpose is to sit in the candy bowl and look festive. Which is perfect because absolutely no one is tempted by them when they walk by so the bowl stays at a perfectly decorative height all season long.

I know some of you are about to come unglued on me for these atrocious eating habits of mine. (Trainers! I told you to stop reading 142 sentences ago!) And I could apologize for them. But as I always tell my kids, an apology is something you say if you feel bad and you will try not to repeat the action. As I sit here with no fewer than nine pieces of corn candy in front of me - I would be lying to your perfectly healthy faces if I apologized for eating these foods. I will eat these nine pieces. I will probably grab another box of Count Chocula when I next go to the store as I poured the last of it in my bowl this morning.

And I will happily go to the gym and work my tail off to compensate for this overabundance of sugar... right up until Halloween when I don't want to see either of these things for another ten months.

Bye, Felicia. Time to make room for the winter foods!