Dish soap Dilemna

Updated: Sep 15, 2018

I love to try new products. I'm not the girl that sticks with one brand, one scent - no siree. It depends on the bottle, the cost, the prettiness of the label, the scent and if I've used the brand before.

My family knows this about me. They generally don't care one whit what kind of soap is where as long as there is something to clean their body and hair in the shower and some bottle of soap next to whatever sink they're near.

Rarely do they look at the brand. Only occasionally do I get feedback (usually in the form of them smelling their hands and then offering their hands for me to smell and then loudly proclaiming, "ew, that soap stinks - here smell my hands.") (No thank you.)

So I didn't think anything of it when I purchased some new dish soap. It was a Mrs. Meyer's product. I had used various Mrs. Meyer's products before and found them to be very good at cleaning. (I really love products that make my house seem cleaner than it is.) Also, this one was in a Lemon Verbena scent, which is my favorite of the Mrs. Meyer's line scents. It just screams "smell this, its clean!"

Apparently, however, of all my product differentiation and testing I've remained true in one area - good ol' trusty Dawn dish soap.

I do love my Dawn.

Sometimes when I use it I think of that commercial where they're cleaning the oil off the baby duck. And I always think if it's good enough for oil on baby ducks, it's darn well good enough for my messes.


According to my husband and eldest child, although I routinely change the scent of Dawn, I have always bought Dawn

I was not aware of this until I asked them to wash a (non-dishwasher safe) pan the other day and my eldest used squirt-n-mop on it.

When I informed them that was not okay to use on dishes and to rinse it off and use ACTUAL dish soap they stared into the cupboard for three minutes arguing that we had no dish soap and what kind of a person was I anyway that couldn't even keep dish soap in her house?!?!

I mean, you guys see the words "DISH SOAP" - right?

I'm not the only one?

So.... long story - well, long. After this is gone, I'll revert back to trusty ol' Dawn. Thank you Dawn people, for making varying scents to at least indulge my need for changing things up while still indulging my family's need to "stop changing everything, already!"

Also, if you're ever at my house for a meal, fear not - the squirt-n-mop pan has been safely and thoroughly cleaned and has no lasting effects of mopping products leaving our food to taste like a pine forest.

Not Dawn. Not even dish soap, actually!