What Do You Do All Day?

I left my job teaching Art at an elementary school at the end of the last school year. This was one of my jobs, the other I did from home, part-time.

Since then I have taken on a new job of sports writing for a local online paper. I cover the local athletic events, take photos and keep up their Twitter account.

According to my youngest, however, I'm a glorified puppy-sitter. Each day after school, when I ask him how his day was, immediately following his answer he then poses the question to me, "did you find a job yet?"

Me: "Um, do you think I need one?"

Him: "Ahh, yes. What else are you going to do? Can't you get something part time at least?"

Basically, I think he has nothing to tell his friends. I can picture the conversation in the hallway...

6th grader 1, "My Mom was so crabby this morning, she didn't get home from work til, like, 12:30 last night and she didn't get enough sleep I don't think."

6th grader 2, "At least your mom came home, my mom works nights so she's never even home when we're sleeping! Hey, what about your mom, Emmett? I heard she's not the art teacher anymore."

My son, "um, well, she's at home. With our dog...."

I guess what we both need is for my life to be more fulfilling for him. He can't save face with this I-don't-actually-SEE-you-go-to-work-somewhere and I can't hold my head up in front of the 6th grade set. Its no way for someone my age to live.

In my defense - I have great pictures of the puppy to post on my social media. ;-)