Decisions, Decisions

I love the decision-making process. For me, it's quick, methodical and deliberate. Rarely after I make a decision do I hem and haw and think back to if I had chosen option B - what would have transpired differently.

Not everyone operates this way, I get that. Some people need to take a lot of time to make decisions.They weigh every little possibility, they look for a way to add an option C or D without first choosing A or B and they take the maximum amount of time allotted to arrive a their decision destination.

I have no problem with people who make decisions differently than I do (lie. I so do.) (Giant thanks to the ghost behind me stabbing me with the needle of truth serum. Now I can't bluff about this any longer.)

Okay - here goes.

To arrive at a choice - most people weigh their options. Some more carefully than others. If you want to look over the rainbow and wait for a leprechaun to give you a sign after charting your course on lined graph paper - then you do you, Boo. (Can I call you Boo? Well, October's coming and I kind of just did - so let's move on.) To those of you who are not rapid-fire-thinking decision makers, here's my gripe...

Please don't ask my advice and then proceed to not follow my advice AND come back and tell me the reason you didn't take my advice was because you felt, "I really didn't even give it that much thought."

I did. If you asked it of me - I gave it the attention I would give any other decision. And just because it didn't take me three phases of the moon, two single-spaced lists and a palm reading, doesn't mean I didn't think it over.

If you are my friend and ask something of me - rest assured I will give your dilemma as much attention as I would my own. I will not, however, undergo a complete personality makeover to turn myself into a two-day thinker. Its just not me.

One other problem with the two types of decision makers, the lets-really-think-this-over decision maker may be heard saying to his speedy-maker friend, "Dude, how come you never ask me for advice?"

To which Speedy has to bite back his immediate response, "Because I'd probably be dead by the time you decided or at the very least onto 78 other decisions post the one I asked you about," and come up with a slightly less-harsh answer of, "oh, I don't know - you seem so busy." (Mulling. Over every dag-burn thing - but that part gets left out.)

Mullers, Deep Thinkers, whatever you call yourselves, don't take this as me asking you to change. No more than I could make a decision your way would I expect you to come to conclusions as quickly as I do. (Also not true -apparently the truth serum is still working - if you've ever seen me snapping my fingers in a drive thru to get my kids to DECIDE A LITTLE QUICKER ALREADY, THIS PLACE CLOSES AT 10PM! you'd know I sometimes DO try to get others to make decisions quicker, read: my way.)

Here's the long and short of it - we're going to be fine if we continue on this way. Let's face it, lovely Reader - if this was the worst of our differences - how lucky we would be?

Think about that and get back to me on it. Seriously - take all the time you need.