Today marks the day President George Bush was laid to rest.

If ever there is a day to talk about human decency - today is it.

I care not how left or how right you are. I care not if you sit firmly on the fence and fall to one side or the other as the wind blows. It should not matter to you either because decency is a trait we can all share.

No matter where we fall on the political spectrum.

This is why when I say goodbye to my children in the morning I use the words, "Bye! Work hard! Don't be little jackasses!"

Now you may be thinking - Jess, you swearing at your kids in the morning doesn't make you a very decent mother. And you may be right. But I disagree.

The world is full of people who swear. Should it be? I'm not the one to decide, but I can tell you it is. That's a fact.

And if the world is full of people who swear, my kids need not leave my house with no knowledge of any foul words lest they become those weirdos who can't carry a conversation in public without making "little ears" or "earmuffs" gestures to themselves.

ANYWAY - this is not the point.

The point is, being a jackass is the opposite end of the behavior spectrum from decency. On that I think we can all agree.

And I, as a mother, of boys, of teenagers, of humans - want very much for them to be decent.

Polite. Carry a conversation with a wide variety of people. Hold doors. Be honest. Know when to diffuse with humor and when its "just not funny." Know when to step in and when to butt-the-heck out of a situation. Respect those who deserve it and know how to show respect. Be nice to children. Be giving to those less fortunate. Do something, every once in a while, without payment or recognition. Be able to assemble cheap furniture with only German directions without throwing a hammer through drywall.

And if you use a curse word every once in a while, I don't think that makes you less decent of a human being. (Although, maybe hold back the f-bombs in front of Grandma... unless Grandma uses them also, then far be it for me to tell you what to do.)


Its truly manageable for all of us.

Sometimes it requires effort.

Sometimes we are faced with people who have no decency (otherwise knows as jackasses) and it may cause us to slip down the scale a bit with our own.

But overall - its a good goal.

And when someone has to talk about us, whether in a current situation or as we leave this life - it sure does make their job a lot easier if we push to be decent creatures, doesn't it?

Hashtag goals. Hashtag decency. Hashtag be like Nike and Just Do It.

Rest In Peace, President Bush. Thank you for being an example of decency.