Comparing Paths

Do you ever hear of someone else your who's your exact same age and are shocked because it seems like they have done life 90 bazillion times better than you have??

Tom Brady (if I have to explain who Tom Brady is, you should just pack your suitcase and leave now. I have waaay too many sports references in this joint for me to explain them) is my. exact. same. age. and has played in NINE Superbowl games.

He's helped his team win six of those.

At my age.

And I'm over here like, hey today I made some banana bread and ate half a loaf.

Ryan Reynolds - 42.

Kanye West - 42.

John Cena - 42.

Mama Jess - has been living on this planet for the exact same amount of time as these people and has... eaten a lot of carbs and done a lot of laundry?

So this, my friends, this is why we do not compare ourselves to others.

Not celebrities. Not athletes. Not neighbors or coworkers. Not people on Instagram or Facebook. Not even cousins or siblings.

Just don't. It's like flushing your self-esteem down a toilet. A powerful, gusher-flusher kind of toilet.

However long you have been on this planet and whatever you have accomplished in that time - it's for a reason. You are on a different journey. AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT ROAD than those other people. Why are you looking at their road?

Keep your eyes on the road. The one in front of you.

Sure, enjoy the scenery around you when you're going by the pretty places. But don't be looking at someone else's path. All that is good for is distraction and probable destruction and pending disaster on your own path. Or worse - you get so busy looking at what's on someone else's road that you completely miss something awesome on your own.

Don't miss your own sunrises, sunsets and stunning scenery while staring at what could possibly be a mediocre scene on a road not your own.

When I went to school I studied to be a journalist. My emphasis was on television journalism and I found a niche in celebrity reporting - so old habits die hard. I still know stupid facts about certain celebrities that should not take up space in my brain as I'm sure there are more useful things I could know - but instead, I know dumb things like the ages of some famous people.

Also, I Googled these to make sure I was remembering correctly.

But I don't, other than that quick Google check, spend time wishing and wondering, dwelling and daydreaming about their lives and why they are where they are and I am where I am.

No Kanye, that's not going to cut it up here. You need a REAL jacket for the Great White North... zipped, buttoned and the whole works.

I am where I am because my kids need me here. Because this is the life for which I was created. Also because I hate having my picture taken, and I'm certain none of those people would know how to get my youngest son's white football pants cleaned properly. I am where I am because I married a guy who knows agriculture like the back of his hand, because I've been to LA and the traffic alone made me uncomfortable with life annnnnnd let's face it, those people probably wouldn't last a second up here in one of the Great White North winters.

Moral of the post: compare less, live better. That's the secret to not giving two craps about what the other guy is doing.