Celebrate Good Times, Come On

There is scarcely anything more gratifying than watching your babies grow into people.

No? Come at me bro - I'll win this one every time.

Unless you've managed to raise juvenile delinquents or failed to give your kids the basic skills they need to be moderately self-sufficient - there is no better thing in all of parent-land.

Because - and here's the clincher, the final statement, closing argument, no

further questions Your Honor - if you've done even a half decent job at parenting (its really the best some of us can hope for, isn't it? Half decent? I'll take it.) then its a given that your offspring will automatically become some of your favorite people.


On the whole planet.

They likely get your humor and can match it with their own. They probably have some of the same quirky tendencies as you or share your intolerance for people who chew loudly. Whether they share your DNA or were raised in your household with someone else's genes inside - they likely have adopted many facets that you have as an adult.

And don't we, by nature, gravitate toward people who think like us? Laugh at the same things we do? Roll our eyes at the same type of idiots?

Yes. Absolutely we do.

So its pretty safe to say, if you haven't figured it out yet, that I'm right on this. Your kids will delight you in ways you didn't think another human could.

Not every day. (Ha! Not even once a week during some "phases." Don't look for this to happen anytime during the years of three and then again at age 10.) But as they grow and learn and develop their own personalities and characteristics - you will have such amazingly FUN moments with these people. Little or full-grown - it doesn't matter. When new sides emerge, when they start to understand sarcasm, when they tell their first joke, the first time they hold a conversation with another adult, when they share their views on the weather or how the dog is acting - you will start to see them. Who they really are. Who they are becoming and which parts of you they've taken to. (Also which parts of your spouse but that's a whole 'nother story for another post.)

And dammit if it is not positively delightful.

Oh - and just so you don't think I'm losing my mind or losing my touch or have fallen off the reality parent train (woot, woot -next stop psychotic age 13!) - I should add that there are plenty of days where you will look at these people and think they have to be aliens. That no one who acts like that or screams like that could have possibly come from you.

We all have those days. (Even you, Bradford's Mom - stop pretending you don't.)

But its the one's where we get to see them. Your toddler-turned-teenager, your pint-sized pirate turned Hulk-sized human that get you through it.

Mama said there'd be days like this... and mama was right. Take it from this Mama, they'll be days like this and they are fabulously fulfilling.