Break Time = Over

There's a funny thing that happens when you take a break from something, eventually the break time is over. And when the break is over, the question is, how do you come back from it?

This is the limbo I have been sitting in since I decided to take a break from Blogville for a while. A break I willingly went on due to the fact that people were getting feistier and feistier every gol dern day and it was making for a toxic environment to send one's blogs into.

Buuuuut here's the thing about feisty people (ya'll realize by feisty I mean - mean, right? Like, I'm just being nice here.) There will always be feisty people. Pandemic or no. Election year or not. Whether at time of peace or time of war - some people are just ridiculously mean-spirited.

Which leaves me to realize I can do one of two things; stay earthly quiet with my writing and my opinions so it doesn't feed the wolves - so to speak, or I can suck-it-up-Buttercup and say some of the billions of words that roll around in my brain at any given moment and zip them out there for the wolves and the rest of the world to see.

And so here I am, typing fervishly, to hell with the wolves, because like anything else I write, be it on here or in the Christmas letter I send, if my words can make even one person laugh, or give one person a moment of "I'm not alone trying to steer the U.S.S. Shitshow that I'm apparently captaining" - then I. will. write.

So anyway I just wanted to reach out and say hi to anyone who may still be fishing around in this place for nuggets of humor at my expense (I'm not offended by this, that is essentially what this place is for.)

Funny side note about that, when I started this blog you have to go through a little giving of information when you want to proclaim blog-starting. They like to categorize and sub-categorize blogs into types so readers and searchers can find ones that best fit their lifestyles and needs. When I got to the question of what kind of blog will you be writing, I thought for a moment before I typed sarcasm-fueled dumpster fire into the appropriate space and then hit "enter." ...Only to have a circle turn for quite some time before an error message appeared that said your search has yielded zero matches.

So, apparently, this sarcasm-fueled dumpster fire (a fitting description if there ever were one and therefore one I am sticking with) is alone in it's unique status which makes me feel that maybe, just maybe, there is one other person out there who might also feel like they can relate to such a description of their Operation Daily Life game.

If that's you - hi. Welcome. Let's be friends.

If that's not you - perhaps you know of someone who may be able to relate? In which case, please share this, or direct them here. The more the merrier on the U.S.S. Shitshow, I say. Unless of course, you're one of the aforementioned feisty ones, in which case I'll be dumping your ass overboard the minute this ship leaves the port - thank you for your understanding.