Bread, Breath

There are reasons, I feel, for commonly heard phrases about bread.

"Man must not live by bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of God." - Matthew 4:4

"Better bread with water than cake with trouble" - Russian Proverb

"That is the best thing since sliced bread." - Everyone, everywhere

And also, a lesser known but sadly more often heard quote, "If you eat all that bread you're going to weigh 300 pounds." - The voices in Jess' head said to Jess at the Panera Bread counter.

Why all the bread talk, do we think? Well for me personally, I think its because it really does rank right up there with holiday pay, vacations to tropical places, that first cup of morning coffee, snow days to children and airplane rides with no turbulence and smooth landings.

Its seriously that great.

And the options! Oh, there are so many delectable ways to inhale, I mean eat, bread.

In a perfect world, my dinner consists of two sources of bread (say, two croissants on Monday, two rhubarb muffins on Tuesday...) and a glass of wine. I don't have to sit down to eat it. I don't have to clean up after it. I can just sip and take bites at my leisure and I will wake up in the morning and still be able to fit into my clothes.

But that world is not for me.

I won't say it doesn't exist - I think it could and maybe does - for some people.

Just not for me.

Does it for you?

I hate you.

(Just kidding! Thanks for stopping in and reading. I love all of you dear Readers.)

Here, however, is my final thought on bread.

If you don't think its THAT great. Or that important. Or that wonderfully smelling piece of perfection. Then I submit to the jury the title of this post.

Look at those two words and how closely they are in spelling and sound.

Separated by merely a letter and an extra.

If bread was really that unimportant or unnecessary or not wonderfully enticing enough to make humans everywhere crave it daily (some of us even hourly,) wouldn't the person who gave it it's name have called it something like "palump" or "merphell" or something that had no resemblance to the word we PHYSICALLY NEED TO STAY ALIVE?!?!

I have no further arguments, Your Honor.

Thanks for coming everyone, enjoy your bread. I mean, your day.