Better When I'm Dancin'

Most people have things that make them feel confident. Would you agree? A great pair of shoes. An outfit that makes them look like a million bucks. A compliment from a passing stranger. A compliment from a boss about a job well done....

There are a host of things that give people that extra spring in their step. I think these things, however little they sometimes may be - are the things that help push us forward.

I, as usual, am a total weirdo because the things that make me feel confident are things that I do not like to share.

Imagine buying an outfit that you look absolutely smashing in and then wearing a trench coat over it the entire time you have it on.

Seems weird, right?

That's me. Weirdo, born and raised.

I love dancing. Love it.

Up in the Great White North we have verrrrrry limited options for one to get their groove on. Pretty much wedding dances - and that's it. There really aren't clubs that someone can go to with their friends and just cut loose on the dance floor.

Yeah, no, not so much up here.

I also love writing. Immensely. I get a total charge out of sitting and pouring my thoughts onto a page or post. My husband has said when I'm writing its like I'm recharging. Like spending a little time at the keyboard, for me, is the equivalent to plugging your phone into the charger. I come out of the office absolutely psyched and ready to go.

But here's the weird part...

I am pretty petrified when it comes to sharing these things with other humans.

I'm secretly a little glad there are no clubs here in the Great White North because as much as I love dancing, I love doing it in my kitchen. And if someone walks in - I try as gracefully as possible to segway my dance move into a hey-what's-this-spot-on-the-floor move so as to hide that I was dancing in the first place.

And even more weirdly, because I HAVE A BLOG is, conquering my fear of sharing what I write every. freakin. time. I hit the "publish this post" button.

Its so, so, so stinkin hard to do.

I mean - this is wide out there. It's the equivalent of walking around in a string bikini when everyone else is in jeans and a hoodie. It is setting yourself up to be ridiculed and rejected by anyone who finds you the least bit offensive. Or different. Or less than.

So, why do it?

Because it makes me better. I'm better when the music is loud and I let off a little steam via samba-ing through the hallway to change out the laundry. I'm better when I verbally vomit a few thoughts into black and white rather than bottling them up so they explode at the next offender.

Even though I may not want everyone to see them, on a personal level, they're like someone else going to get a massage or getting together with friends for drinks after work. These things help me decompress.

Also, they say you should work on conquering your fears and I have a laundry list of fears. Some people have like two, I have 78.

And I'm not planning to jump out of an airplane anytime soon to conquer that one... so for now - this is the one I'm working on.

Now if you'll excuse me - I think I hear my favorite song on.

Must. go. dance....