Bars v. Bars

Bars, when you're young, were the thing you couldn't wait to go to. To hang out at the up at the bar.... have a few drinks at the bar.

Bars represented an elusive type of fun that the under 21 set were clearly missing out on.

Then 21 happens and bars are just... bars. They are places where you meet friends after work, have a drink with a date, celebrate bachelorette parties and take terrible photos and dance a little too wildly all thanks to everyone's best bar bud: Booze.

As you get older though, bars change. How much you frequent them changes and then your routine definition of the word changes too.

Suddenly you're a parent and you've got two-point-five kids and somebody mentions the word bars and your brain immediately does a mental calculation of the ingredients in your house and whether or not you can whip up a 9x13 pan when you get home. After all, someone said bars, clearly it means you are supposed to bring a pan for some such thing or another. Suddenly it's not, "what was the name of that place that we all loved to go to?" but instead, "what kind was it I made that everyone loved last time?"

But truthfully, although the changes seem vast, there are similarities between these two camps of "bars."

I know of many people that get together and bake their holiday bars or bake sale bars and treat it as a social function (everyone's best baking bud, Booze, included.) I know of many people who lose a few hours or more in the name of baking bars. Let's face it, when you're baking, the only track of time you keep is the precise 25 minutes of time needed for said pan to bake. I also, in the name of similarity, know of people that take terrible photos during bar sessions due to everyone's friend Booze or the sugar or possibly its a lethal combination of both that make us think, "I bet I look adorable right now, in my baking clothes with a little flour on my face."

When in fact, the clothes aren't that flattering, the facial expressions are a little too contrived and overall you wind up with a great bar memory but not a great bar photo.

Cheers to the similarities, my friends.

Because bars can be the thing that bonds - spouses, friends, coworkers, extended family, newlyweds... whether it's at a great new bar that just opened, that favorite place you've always gone or over a pan of oh-my-God-what-are-these-called-again?!?!

Embrace your bar stage. Whatever it may be.