Anniversary of Ages

Today is mine and the Hubs anniversary. Not just any anniversary - anniversary number 19. Nineteen - as in one. nine.

This is only disturbing to me for one reason and that is I rarely know how old I am at any given moment unless something is triggering me to calculate it.

And who calculates anything with the number 19 quickly?

Yes, I did say "calculate," Oh Young Ones. When you get to a certain age you don't just blurt out the number, you don't countdown the days, you float through life and do not think about your age unless it's a comparable to a moment.

For instance one might say, "oh I was 25 when I had my first baby," or "that's the year we went to Mexico for so-n-so's 30th birthday."

Age, as you get older, is not necessarily counted in birthdays, it's measured by the things you have done in the days between birthdays.

I know I'm not alone in this because just last week I was having a conversation with a two fellow mamas who both confirmed they also have no idea how old they are when asked the question at random.

"How old are you?"

"Well, let's see, I was born in... so that means I turned 40 in... and it's 2019 and I haven't had a birthday yet this year so that must mean I'm... 41!"

And then you say the number like "EUREKA!" because you had to sit and do a verbal story problem in front of someone and you still managed to come up with the right answer. Yaaaasssss!!

Also, the someone was quite possibly looking at you the entire time like you were a big, fat liar-pants.

Especially if that person was a young skeptic who has not yet reached the age of head scratch....let me think for a second.

So, circling back to the original topic - my wedding anniversary. Anniversaries - depending upon which number anniversary you are celebrating, can be a marker or they can be like adding algebra to your age-story problem.

19 is the equivalent of finding "x."

No one does quick math with the number 19. You have to do 20 and then subtract one. Now you just added another step to the problem.

Because inevitably, as you get older and add new friends to your circle and people into your life - you will have a conversation that goes like this;

New Friend: I saw on Facebook it's your anniversary. Wow! Happy Anniversary. So, what year is it for you two?

Me: 19. (Then you will try to be funny to ease the look of shock and horror on their face.) Yep, 19 looooooong years...

New Friend: 19?! Really? So how old were you when you got married?

Me: 12. It was an arranged marriage. Yep, since birth. So, yeah - didn't have much choice.

New Friend: No, seriously, how old were you?

Me: Well, let's see I got married in two-thousand and it was May so I hadn't had my birthday yet so if I was born in... and then turned 20 in...... that would have made me... TWENTY-TWO!!!!

New Friend: (jumps back startled because you just shouted your age in a really loud voice) Wow, 22. Not very old...

Me: doing mini celebration dance over solving verbal story problem.

Oh look, it's someone doing the I-figured-out-how-old-I-am Dance

In conclusion I'd like to mention if you ever ask someone how old they are and they don't immediately release the number, give the person a break. It doesn't mean they're coming up with a plausible lie, (if I say 26 is that too unrealistic?) it may not mean they're so old they forgot, (unless you asked Grandma Judy and she just ignored your question and started talking about that time your mom peed her pants at her birthday party - then yes, its likely she forgot) it might simply mean they need a moment to calculate their story problem.

And let's face it, for ANY of us who went through school math and thought story problems were confusing (why does Sara need 60 watermelons? Why am I reading during math time??) it's no fun to realize we still have to do them as adults.

Anyway, Happy Anniversary to my husband, if he's reading this. Who - for the record - is NOT 41 because he was born the year before me and he HAD already had his birthday in May when we got married.

Happy figuring! ;-)