An Empowered Loner

As a self-proclaimed loner, I am used to filling my time on my own. My work time is independent. Our family down time can be found with the boys watching some very dramatic show while I'm curled in the corner like a cat, reading a book. The same goes for my gym time, I work out on my own, opting to find and develop programs that fit me rather than join in with something started by someone else.

This is of no disrespect to anyone, its just a preference.

Rarely, when I go to the gym, am I lacking motivation. I firmly believe half the battle is getting there so when I'm there I'm usually ready to rumble.

Last week I started teaching my.... (fifth?? maybe?) class at our local fitness facility.

Prior to the first night of class I had a number of people stop me and ask, "how hard is this going to be, Jess?" And I promised them (and then I publicly promised everyone who would attend via my Facebook page) that I would not make it any harder than they could go.

And (because I hate liars) I kept that promise. I had taken the past four weeks to add sporadic "practice sessions" into my gym regimen, so I could develop a program/set of exercises to teach when class began. So I was ready... for whoever attended class and whatever level of work they wanted to give. Designing a class that would allow members to perform to the best of their own set of skills and abilities.

Then I stood back and watched as they freakin blew. me. away. with their effort. With their willingness. With their engagement.

As a loner, my perception of group fitness mainly consisted of a bunch of women seeing who had the cutest workout wear, who meet up for class and don't get too sweaty because class is followed up by coffee - together.

Ish. Ish to that image and ish to my head for thinking it without actually seeing that happen.

This is SO NOT my class. My class is a group of motivational ass-kickers.

I don't know why I so incorrectly and stupidly assumed women in a class setting was only going to mean me trying to teach them form while they gossiped about something from work. Or worse, their instructor's workout gear.

So, I need to publicly apologize. Not just to these women but to anyone out there who attends group fitness. Who is pushed by group fitness. Who has the courage to come to group fitness. You completely dispelled the notion that group fitness is more about the group and less about the fitness.

Your attitudes and encouragement empowered one another. It empowered me to do better for you as your instructor.

Basically what I'm saying is - you girls rocked. And I thank you for showing me my own stupidity. Which is a weird thing to say, but truthful in my case...I'd rather have someone make me feel stupid for a moment in teaching me the truth then to let me sit there dimly in my own idiocy while I pretend to know anything.

Thanks. Congrats on the hard work.

Keep up the good work and we'll see you in the next class,

Your Empowered Loner Instructor