All The Autumn Leaves Are Falling

...Falling down upon the ground.

And other people are oooohhing and aaaahhing

Over the beauty they see all around...

Not me. I'm running around with an economy size bottle of Gorilla Glue trying to stick those suckers back on the trees where they belong. No, no, don't fall. Not yet. Stay there a while. This tree is your home. This tree is your happy place. Its a happy tree. Dammit Bob Ross, can't you just make these happy trees the kind that don't lose their pretty little leaves so fall can just stay for a while?!


Where I live, in the great white north, fall is about a millisecond long. The trees are green and its hot. The leaves change colors and we get one gorgeously perfect day to be out and admire their beauty and then the air turns cold, the leaves fall and we prepare for hibernation.

The amount of time it took you to read that last paragraph - that's how long our Fall lasts. So, I don't love the falling leaves. I'm sorry, but I don't. They are so splendid in their colorful glory on their branches and then, poof - they're on the ground, waiting to be cleaned up with the dog poop, leaving us (literally, leave-ing us...hee hee) with dry, grayish-brown twigs to look through.

Unremarkable. That's what's left when the leaves are gone. Something kind of blah and unremarkable.

I know, I know, you're thinking I should just be grateful. That I am alive to see the splendor of the season's changing and that's a pretty awesome thing.

You're gorgeous. Please stay...

And I am.

I'm grateful.

Because it truly is spectacular.

But it doesn't keep me from wishing fall was as long as winter is going to be and that winter was as short as fall is and this wish is so long I'm actually confused as to where I am and what season it is...

Happy Spring, everyone?