A Covid Gift

I know, I know, most everyone hates every part of the world that was "Covidized." The shutdowns. The masks. The side-taking. The absence of sports. Anything related to the word Zoom.

I know. You all got sick of it and wanted to stab it's face.


Buuuuut - did anyone else out there (secretly, maybe?) find some good things that Covid produced?

I did.

And, like most things, (calories I consume, my hatred of television, etc.,) I'm not secret about any of them.

I'll spare you the list but I have to share with you a story that happened recently that solidifies my gratitude toward this Covid-gift.

I love the option of restaurant-food.

Love it.

If nothing else tells me I was born in the accurate generation - my love of being able to occasionally say, "nope, not cooking tonight. Let's order food." is the perfect tell. I do enjoy cooking but I also love that alternative. I love trying new foods. I love trying new recipes of a "good ol' stand by" like beef stew or chili - just to see how someone else spiced it up differently. But I don't (get ready for a giant oxymoron here) like eating in many restaurants.

Some - yes. Some have the great ambiance so that part of the eating experience IS in the DINING IN.

But take a classic diner/fast food/chain restaurant and I'm hitting the dislike button repeatedly on the dine in option.

There is just something extremely unappetizing about the way some people dine. Sometimes I feel you see the worst of humanity in a restaurant booth.

Case in point: yesterday was my "I'm not cooking" day. I had a near-dinner time meeting and got home late and didn't want to forage around for something to cook. So - we opted to order.

In my very small town - we are not lucky enough to be able to utilize something as wonderful as UBER EATS or DOOR DASH - we have to literally go pick up our own food - so it was no unpleasant surprise to me when I opened the door of the restaurant the very first thing my eyes landed on was a person (sitting in a booth, of course!) picking her nose.


Not politely or discreetly. Just second-knuckle deep PICKING her nose.

Now I realize this is in no way this restaurant's fault. It was a patron, not an employee and obviously a place cannot control every aspect of their patron's behaviors - which is why I'm purposely leaving off the name of said restaurant - as I don't want this to reflect badly on them. What I would like, however, is to use this (disgusting but true) story to bring my point full circle.

Covid, during it's many closures, forced a number of businesses to revamp and rethink of ways to reach their clientele. There became more online options, more curbside pick up options and restaurants that previously may not have offered carryout or delivery options suddenly opened up to the opportunity to try to keep their doors open.

Restaurants - I don't know how difficult it was for you to make these adjustments, but I love it. It is one of the gifts I think we got out of Covid.

It's one thing I hope never reverts to the pre-Covid way.

I hope all the places, from the mom-and-pop diners to the hole-in-the-wall-dives to the seafood and steak houses, never do away with their curbside pickup/delivery/carryout options.

You've given people like me, people who love to utilize your wonderfully tasting meals without having to sit and try not to look at whatever grotesque scene may be happening near by.


So thank you. For doing whatever it took to make your new options happen. For working hard to keep your doors open. And for cooking for both the people-in-the-booth and the people who would rather not sit in it.

I very much appreciate this gift from Covid.