A Bare Shelf

I haven't perished. I'm still alive. If you're wondering what the hell happened to that girl who writes slightly-too-truthful things - she's mostly still up and running.


Yes. Mostly. This whole COVID thing has caused me to lose something I hold very dear - my opinions.

And considering a blog is just a compilation of the blogger's opinions written into some (poetic, satirical, deep, dark, sarcastic - fill in the blank with the type of blogs you might read) form - this place has been as vacant as the Clorox Wipe shelf.

The reason I'm telling you this is because I'm calling myself out. Me, a person who forms an opinion and sticks to it unless..... (well actually, we can scratch that last word. Just end that sentence with it,) has found herself floundering for enough solid evidence in which to formulate an opinion.

I'm not such a dunderhead that I grab opinions and cling to them like that last roll of two-ply without any forethought. I generally like to weigh, take in, read, listen, people-watch and then formulate. Which is why I cling to my own beliefs so hard and fast because I feel as though I've put solid effort into arriving at my own conclusions.


Now I've taken up a bunk and unrolled my sleeping bag at Camp Confused. Two more weeks in this joint and they'll be considering me for a role as Camp Counselor.

I'm freakin' floundering like a fish on the shore...

I can't grasp the rights and wrongs of what to do in this situation. At best, when faced with a decision of late - I give it a moment or two of thought and then put my head down and forge. Like seriously, that's it. That's the best I'm managing in this time of...

wear a mask,

this thing is overblown,

Covid is a hoax,

the second wave will take thousands,

masks are for wimps,

don't listen to the media,

stay home,

things are open,

we're still out of sanitizer,

people need to sanitize,

watch for symptoms,

there aren't enough tests to confirm your symptoms....

And the discrepancies go on and on and on.

And not just in the news. On my own social media feeds - everyone has something to say and zero of it seems to have any real solid merit behind it because - scroll down a bit and - the next person has the opposite to say and that seems to be the opposite opinion of the thing I just read and also has very little credibility.

I'm sorry if you're one of my social media peoples. I don't mean to insult your intelligence - I'm just pointing out that for everything that is shared that says, "masks will offer no help - what we need is for two-thirds of the population to get this virus so we can go on with life...." there is an equal and opposite post claiming that "masks worn by both parties offer a highly reduced rate of transmission...."

AND BOTH THINGS sound a lot like someone didn't quite put all the ingredients into what they were selling. So I'm left deciding if I want to by the egg-less, flour-less cookie that, although it might look like a cookie, is not going to be what my taste buds actually consider A COOKIE.

You're selling me an impostor cookie.

You're basically the person on Pinterest who shares a really great picture of a recipe and when I click it it's low-fat, low-carb, Vegan pasta that's made from Petunias and YOU DID NOT POST THE PICTURE OF YOUR ACTUAL RECIPE, JULIE - THAT'S THE PIONEER WOMAN'S PHOTO AND WHATEVER PETUNIA NOODLES YOU MADE DO NOT LOOK LIKE THAT!

And there it is - the root of all this - the only opinion I seem to have lately is that everyone is trying to hand me something they aren't 100% decided on either. Which doesn't sit well with me because I have a deep respect for people who own the words, "I'm not sure."

In my pint-sized corner of the world, I value someone who will be honest and just tell me they don't know an answer rather than trying to hand me one they're not sure of either.

Which, in turn, doesn't leave me a lot to blog (write opinions) about except, of course, the above ranting.

So, my blog remains a deserted wasteland until I can find something reasonable to grasp. You can just mosey by this place like you do the toilet paper aisle of Target... nothing to see here, kids. Just keep going. Maybe someday it'll be back - but that day is not today.

Obviously. (Insert eye roll at 4,202 letters of vacuum nothing-ness above.)

Ugh. I hate being unopinionated!