17% to Brag About

Four days a week my middle-man dons his workout gear, jumps on his bike and pedals to his morning lifting session.

Lets be clear before I move on, middle-man is 16.

He can drive.

He has a car. And a valid driver's license.

Yet he jumps on his bicycle because it “gives him a better warm up” since (due to Covid restrictions,) their weight room time is limited.

People who see a kid biking at that age tend to assume one of two things; either he doesn’t have a car or he did some thing to get his driving privileges taken away.

I wonder if anyone would understand when they saw this kid on a bike - it’s by choice he is making to work even harder.

I wonder if his coaches know that under his gym shorts he wears a pair of swim trunks -all through his lifting session - because he leaves weightlifting and bikes straight to swim practice and there is no locker room available for him to change (another fun effect of Covid restrictions.)

I wonder if his swim coach knows he's willing to go the extra mile and wear his swim trunks to lifting just to make sure he's at swim team practice on time.

I wonder if his teammate's know he's disappointed in them when they don't show up to morning lift sessions. That he's well aware sometimes it sucks to shut off the gaming system and go to bed when other people are still playing, and sometime's they're even jackasses that will razz and name call over it - but you do it because it allows you to get out of bed the next morning rather than hitting snooze.

And as long as I'm wondering about everyone else in regards to this kid, I also wonder if this middle kid of mine knows that if he applies this same level of effort to what he does in life - there will literally be nothing he cannot accomplish.


There aren't limits placed on people willing to work hard. There are only reasons to make them work harder and if they're willing to work through those reasons then, as they say, the sky's the limit.

He wrestles a lot with what he is "going to do." Everyone asks that when kids get to this age, "do you know what you want to do after high school?" He feels like he's supposed to have an answer ready. Like he missed some sign that told him what he was destined to be and now he's in a panic because he's left to just choose and he's afraid he'll choose wrong.

...I wonder what it would take to make him understand that, at 42, I'm still not done planning what I want to do. I have three occupations I wish I could try and if someone offered me the chance tomorrow to do one of them, I'd drop what I was doing and give it a try because dreams and goals and life is too short NOT to.

I wonder if he'll ever read this post.

I wonder if other people will read this post and think she's using her blog as a means to brag about her kids and I'm not reading this crap and stop visiting my site.

They'd be correct. I am bragging. He's a damn good kid who bikes wearing two pair of shorts, and bikes home regardless of the fact that one of those pairs is soaking wet from swimming. He gets laughed at for going to bed earlier than other kids but has never slept through his 6:30 alarm.

And that he gets up at 6:30 because he knows he gets shaky and hangry so he makes sure he has time for breakfast (like, a FULL breakfast) before he leaves. And that he has to leave 15 minutes before his session since he's biking rather than utilizing a car for a drive that would take only five.

So yes, I'm bragging.

I keep it real here. I'll tell you when my kids are rotten (a solid 8% of the time,) when they're acting like jackwagons (56% of the time - minimum,) when they're driving me to the brink of insanity (at least 19% of the time,) but for a small portion of the time when they're getting it all right, when they're performing like actual humans that I will be proud to send into this world, I'm going to talk about those times too.

And if you call that bragging and would prefer to not read about that type of stuff, just come back in a few days. I'm sure the next post will highlight their jackassery and mediocrity.

Because... real.

That's me. 100% of the time.